Racism Downunder: Albanese copies Ardern, seeking to enshrine race in politics

Racism Downunder: Albanese copies Ardern, seeking to enshrine race in politics. By David Long.

What is being proposed in the Indigenous Voice is a race-based corruption of what is currently a colour-blind Constitution.

Indigenous people, if ‘The Voice’ is successful, will not only elect representatives to the Parliament; they alone will elect representatives to ‘The Voice’ which will have a direct communication with the government on Indigenous matters. What, pray tell, is not an Indigenous matter? Our Indigenous kin are equal Australians. They are impacted by every policy.

Indigenous Senator Jacinta Price’s maiden speech last week when she called the whole idea of a separate Indigenous Voice ‘pointless virtue signalling’. …

Three sentences are to be included in the Constitution, of which the meat is in the third:

“The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have the power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers, and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.”

In other words, vote “yes” to the voice now, and they will make up the details later. A blank cheque for the left.

Do Aboriginals need yet more special recognition?

We need to remember that since 1967, the Commonwealth has been looking after Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ affairs, creating statutory bodies like the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee (NACC), the National Aboriginal Conference (NAC), the Aboriginal Development Commission (ADC) and the ultimate replacement organisation, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC).

Senator Price could have cited the business of any one of these organisations, some elected, some appointed, to demonstrate the foolishness of another Indigenous Voice. It is not a voice that Indigenous people need. Instead, they need someone who knows what to do to bring people from their time-honoured, tribal political existence into the political framework of a liberal democracy.

Mr Albanese’s rush to a referendum appears to be based on a presumption of positive public sentiment for the amendment. That public sentiment, however, should not be relied on. It exists because the public recognise that our Indigenous kin have been badly treated by all governments. …

Of greater concern is the way that this ‘representative body’ will introduce an overtly racist sentiment into our Constitution. It is a form of left-wing moral corruption identified in the old wisdom that ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

Albanese’s referendum is a blank cheque for the globalists, the left activists and their allies who will control the aboriginal voice. They see it is a way of getting extra political power.

When has race-based politics ever worked? What utter foolishness, storing up future trouble.

What is the sense in inviting the world to immigrate here, under a multicultural policy, and then handing out race-based privileges?

hat-tip Mark Ellis