Communist British scientist dubbed ‘Stalin’s nanny’ who wanted face masks and social distancing FOREVER is given top job at World Health Organization

Communist British scientist dubbed ‘Stalin’s nanny’ who wanted face masks and social distancing FOREVER is given top job at World Health Organization. By Connor Boyd.

A British communist scientist who wanted face masks to be worn forever has been handed an influential role at the World Health Organization.

Professor Susan Michie — a longstanding member of the Communist Party of Britain and Labour donor — was yesterday made chair of the WHO’s behavioural advisory group.

She will advise the organisation on how to boost compliance with vaccine rollouts and other interventions that help shape national health policy. …

She famously called for masks and social distancing to remain ‘forever’ in an interview with Channel 5 last year …

There were concerns about her conflict of interests when it emerged she was simultaneously a member on the Government’s SAGE committee and a leading figure in an independent pressure group that called for Chinese-style lockdowns.

Flat White writes on Reds under the Beds:

[She was] nicknamed ‘Stalin’s nanny’ during her time at Oxford University …

Naturally, the general public — already irate about an unelected foreign bureaucracy leaning on domestic governments during the pandemic (to the ruin of civil liberty and economic prosperity) — voiced their disapproval. …

Calling all these people ‘abusive trolls’ is a misdirection. More likely, they were ordinary people furious that a hardline communist was assuming a position of influence over global public health. Public health has always valued autonomy and individual choice — any creep toward manipulation, mandate, and political punishment for those who refuse has been met with global protests. …

WHO is socialist, led by China. Do you think WHO has our best interests at heart?

It is astonishing that anyone would associate with communism, but the United Nations and World Health Organisation are full of proud collectivists, partly because South America, Africa, Russia, and China — where many representatives come from — contain collectivist dictatorships, several of which are recipients of Chinese investment.

Ethiopia is one of these regimes. They gave us the current WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He is a controversial figure, whose membership of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (a communist, Marxist-Leninist party) and his eventual appointment to Minister of Health in Ethiopia and later Foreign Minister saw him serve as part of a heavily criticised regime.

Organized Chinese loans for Ethiopia, so now China increasingly owns Ethiopia

His election to the WHO was described as ‘nasty’ where China strongly backed his appointment and has since been accused of leaning on the WHO during the early stages of Covid when they avoided scrutiny for the origin of the pandemic.

This has led to the generalisation that the WHO is ‘China-centric’ rather than a proper independent global authority.

Why would any Western nation bow to edicts coming out of this communist marriage of convenience?

How much of the ‘behavioural health advice’ issued by the WHO is about deconstructing the power of capitalist democracies under the guise of ‘public health’? A lot, it appears, given ‘the science’ changes every five minutes and health orders are, largely, irrational, unproven, and contradictory. They have, however, been successful in expanding government power, eroding citizen rights, and collapsing economies.

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