“Welcome to Country” is Insulting to Non-Aboriginal Australians

“Welcome to Country” is Insulting to Non-Aboriginal Australians. By David Evans.

I’m Australian. It’s my country. But being “welcomed” to my country says that it’s not my country.

Different levels of “ownership” between “first nations” people and (by implication) “second class” people is racist and offensive. Treat all Australians the same, one law for all.

Pauline Hanson gets it. Her office issuing the following statement after she walked out of the Senate during their “Welcome to country” ritual.

Senator Hanson considers that ‘acknowledgement of country’ perpetuates racial division in Australia. Like many non-Indigenous Australians, Senator Hanson considers this country belongs to her as much as it does belong to any other Australian, Indigenous or otherwise.

From this point forward, Senator Hanson will refuse to acknowledge country in the Senate. Senator Hanson does not accept that acknowledgement of country is any sort of Indigenous Australian tradition, given that at most it has only been in use for the past 25 years (and in parliament only 12 years).

Senator Hanson will also oppose a motion in the Senate today for the Aboriginal flag to be displayed in the Senate. Senator Hanson considers that only one flag, the Australian national flag, truly represents all Australians.