Increasingly Everyone Knows the Vaccine Narrative is Dead Wrong

Increasingly Everyone Knows the Vaccine Narrative is Dead Wrong. By Alex Berenson.

The failure of the mRNA shots, after the hype that surrounded them when they were introduced in 2020, is deeply disappointing.

The development of new medicines cannot be rushed, as much as we might hope they might. Regulators and ethical scientists must insist on properly designed and run clinical trials before approving any new drug or vaccine.

But the failure of the vaccines is actually less corrosive at this point than the grim refusal by public health authorities, politicians, and the media to admit that failure.

Practically everyone knows the truth. How can I be so sure? In the most basic way. No one gets mRNA shots anymore — not for themselves, and not for their kids. More than a month after regulators broke every guideline they have to approve the shots for children under 5, more than 97 percent of kids that age remain unjabbed.

Overall uptake has also cratered. Even with 19 million small children now eligible, the media and health authorities endlessly pushing boosters and reboosters (maintain, granny, maintain!), and some colleges insanely demanding boosters of their students, Americans are getting fewer than a quarter-million Covid jabs a day.



So what’s the problem?

The problem is this: the relentless denial of an obvious truth from the highest levels of media and government is gasoline for the fire of conspiracy theorists. If they’ll lie about the vaccines when everyone can see the vaccines don’t work, what else will they lie about? And why did they lie in the first place? …

Well, they lied because they wanted Covid to end so badly that they ignored all the obvious problems in the clinical trials.

Ivermectin and HCQ are the deadly enemies of the vaccines and vaccine profits. Vaccines were only allowed to be deployed without adequate testing on an emergency basis, based on the notion that there were no existing remedies. But these two re-purposed drugs work well for early treatment of covid, so their untested vaccines should never have been deployed. They can never admit that either.

So they banned ivermectin and HCQ in many jurisdictions, and have discouraged early treatment throughout the Western world. They want you to take the vaccine and go to hospital if you get really sick. Not working.

Now look at the mess we’re in.

They have to backtrack: abandon vaccines, and switch to early treatment using anti-virals, of which ivermecin and HCQ are the best and cheapest.