Wokeball now takes precedence over footy

Wokeball now takes precedence over footy. By James Macpherson.

Half the Manly Sea Eagles team are refusing to wear a gay pride jumper in Thursday night’s game against the Sydney Roosters. The seven players are understood to be Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau’atu, Tolutau Koula, Christian Tuipulotu and Toafofoa Sipley. All are deeply religious.

The Manly team had a rainbow jumper designed for players to wear in the game but the suits in head office forgot to consult the players who will need to run around in it. That’s how committed to inclusion they are. …

If you’re unfamiliar with rugby league, seven players represent more than half the team. … Club officials fear the boycott will split the club and wreck its bid to play finals football this season. Thursday night’s match is a must-win for the team.

But don’t imagine the club will backflip on promoting gay pride in favour of winning a game of football. They would rather lose the match than face the wrath of LGBTI activists. Wokeball now takes precedence over football. It’s incredible that rugby administrators could be so out of touch with their own team that they did not appear to have considered how the deeply religious beliefs of half their players might be affected by a gay pride round.

Or perhaps they did know but chose not to care. If you’ve not realised that diversity is a one-way street, you haven’t been paying attention. Social media slammed the seven Manly players, most of them Islanders, as bigots and as religious hypocrites.

The left hates Christianity:

Just on that, it’s interesting to note that Muslim AFLW player Haneen Zreika was allowed to sit out a gay pride game earlier this year with barely any controversy. In fact, she was widely congratulated for standing by her faith with dignity and a minimum of fuss.

And when Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja hesitated joining celebrations after winning the Ashes, his teammates were widely praised for delaying the traditional spraying of beer out of respect for his Muslim faith so he could join them on the winner’s dais.

So what’s the difference with the Manly players? Why are they not congratulated for the courage of their convictions? Why is their faith not respected?

Simple. They’re Christians. …

If the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all:

Ironically, the pride jumper is called “Everyone in League”.

What could be more inclusive than both gay and religious Islanders having the right to play for the Manly jersey, which they already do. Why should either party be made to feel marginalised for the other? …

What LGBTI activists fail to understand is that no one cares about the sexuality of players, and no one wants to know. As long as the players put the football over the try line and kick it through the uprights, no one much cares whether they kiss a woman or a man after the game.

The football club had no right to impose its political views on its players.

hat-tip Stephen Neil