The tyranny of minority activism

The tyranny of minority activism. By Sebastian Tombs.

According to census data, the proportion of Australians who prefer single-sex or unconventional sexual relationships is roughly three per cent.

The percentage of Australians who self-identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander also is about three per cent.

Yet the public and corporate time and money devoted to their causes is well beyond three per cent. Think of how same-sex marriage paralysed the political agenda for two years, and how the proposed Voice to Parliament constitutional push will likely do so for the next two. And they’re just two of the many three-per-center issues chewing up public discourse and dominating our politics.

Add the huge expenditure of political and media time and energy on a fraction of a fraction of one per cent — the trans and non-binary ‘community’ — and you could be forgiven for thinking the public conversation revolves around these issues with Climate Change filling whatever time remains. …

Why do businesses bend over backwards to prostrate themselves in obeisance to fringe activism when it means offending and denigrating many of the 97 per cent who actually give them their revenue and profits?

In return for the acceptance and respect they demand — or rather the activists who claim to speak for them demand — they should show some respect and acceptance of the silent majority in return.

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