Further to the NSW Vaccination Statistics

Further to the NSW Vaccination Statistics. By David Archibald.

It has been said that “Getting four shots in 18 months is an IQ test, not disease prevention.” …

No bureaucracy in the world is giving official figures any more that allow you to compare the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. NSW has a new dodge, but still give the game away:

Here’s the latest covid health outcome statistics for epidemiological week 27 ending on 9th July, 2022: …

But firstly a disclaimer. The NSW health authorities have chosen to obfuscate the health results of the unvaccinated. Note that there isn’t an unvaccinated category –- it’s ‘no dose’ or ‘unknown’. They say that vaccination status is as per the federal register of vaccinations. And if a patient’s name doesn’t match that on the register exactly, then it is recorded as unknown. This is despite patients being alive and able to talk when they are admitted to hospital, and thus able to communicate their vaccination status. All this is so the NSW health authorities can claim that the unvaccinated have a higher hospitalization rate than the unvaccinated. But a majority of the 200 in the unknown group in Week 27 may be vaccinated to some extent. We don’t know and they won’t tell us.

The valid statistics we can tease out of the fog of obfuscation tell us that the higher the dose rate, the higher the rate for hospital admittance and transfer to ICU. The following numbers are on a per million basis, for each dose category for Week 27:


Doses Hospitalized ICU Death
4 144 16 14
3 79 8 14
2 59 5 7
1 53 11 16


Having had four doses of spike protein makes you nearly three times as likely to be hospitalised than if you had stopped at one. From that it follows that one way to reduce the burden of covid on our hospital system is to stop vaccination.

So the NSW health statistics tell us that the vaccinated will have a higher rate of covid infection than the unvaccinated. This effect was also seen in the UK statistics.  The science behind this relative loss of immunity is called original antigenic sin, also known as antibody-dependent enhancement.

Despite vaccination having failed in adults, there is now talk of extending vaccination down to six month olds. Anybody contemplating that should examine the results of this study of more than one million children in New York. … In the 5-11 year olds vaccine efficacy was close to zero by the end of five weeks and after that it went negative. After only a month these children were more likely to become infected than if they had stayed unvaccinated.

As always, we are left wondering: are they stupid or are they evil?