The War On Reality: Monkeypox Edition

The War On Reality: Monkeypox Edition. By Rod Dreher.

A friend sends me this news item from Germany. Apparently, one down side of normalizing prostitution is that women will be expected to take those jobs when nothing else is available. Late-Weimar madness!

While we are on the topic of dishonesty and unreality on sexual discourse, the NYT reports that the NYC health department doesn’t know what to think about monkeypox messaging. Excerpt:

The spread of monkeypox has ignited a debate within the New York City Health Department over whether the agency should encourage gay men to reduce their number of sexual partners during this summer’s outbreak.

Inside the department, officials are battling over public messaging as the number of monkeypox cases has nearly tripled in the last week, nearly all of them among men who have sex with men. A few epidemiologists say the city should be encouraging gay men to temporarily change their sexual behavior while the disease spreads, while other officials [the bureaucrats, always the bureaucrats] argue that approach would stigmatize gay men and would backfire.

Of course. God forbid anyone should tell gay men to stop having orgies during a disease outbreak. If you believe that the summum bonum of personhood is the ability to have sex with whom you want, when you want to, then of course you will take this stance. It’s nihilistic, but that is where we are today as a civilization. …

If you’re an old git like me, you’ll remember that one of the staunchest advocates for the Everybody Is Equally Vulnerable To AIDS message was none other than a young Anthony Fauci.

It is really hard to overstate the extent to which the American media approach their job not as truth-telling, but as narrative-management. And now it’s true for many public health authorities, as we know from AIDS, from Covid, and now from monkeypox.

Who’s catching monkeypox? This guy:

Hi so I have monkeypox. Not fishing for any sort of sympathy, but since I’m already know for being pretty unabashed on the internet, I figured I’d give an honest account of how I got it and how my symptoms manifested to hopefully educate anyone curious. So strap in (🧵)

— BabethePigBoi (@BabeRogersxxx) July 22, 2022

You’d better have a strong stomach. This man is scum. More:

Believe it or not, it gets much worse.