Covid: The Indian Experiment — Ivermectin Vs Vaccines

Covid: The Indian Experiment — Ivermectin Vs Vaccines. By David Archibald.

This is a tale of two Indian states, both alike in dignity, that used different control measures for covid.

We should be grateful for the people of Kerala, a state of 36 million souls, who, by electing a communist to rule over them, thus self-selected to be the control group in our experiment. Exactly the same as Australia, the government of Kerala banned the use of ivermectin and relied upon vaccination.

The state of Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 238 million, instead chose to distribute ivermectin cheaply as a prophylactic.

Indian states, cases to date, per capita:

Covid deaths:

Case fatality rate (chances of dying, once you catch it):

The case fatality rate for covid is much the same throughout India at about 1%, as the disease’s designers intended. …

The results of the Indian experiment are in. We could have a much lower community disease burden if we switched from vaccination to ivermectin. But Australia’s covid policy is stuck on stupid and tens of thousands will die. In the interim there is the added burden of long covid.

This anecdote from the US is instructive:

So the electrician came. He told me he had Covid three times and had brain fog. All power off to install new switches. Only it wasn’t all off. When I pointed this out he said “Oh. Good thing you checked” So remember this when dealing with people in the bold bright (stupid) future.

People with brain fog from long covid will attempt to do surgery, fly planes and drive trucks. It is going to get ugly.