Just being Indigenous does not automatically make someone marginalised

Just being Indigenous does not automatically make someone marginalised. By Jacinta Price, via her email campaign.

On July 1 — Territory Day — my term as Senator for the Northern Territory officially began, and already I’m dealing with the left’s woke nonsense.

Rather than focus on solutions for the REAL issues, our new government is more concerned with their own virtue signalling.

Let me make this one clear for the Adam Bandts and Anthony Albaneses of the world: just because someone is Indigenous does not automatically make them marginalised.

I’m tired of the paternalistic and condescending narrative that says that by virtue of lineage, Indigenous Australians are somehow in need of help and incapable of success without the aid of some privileged inner-city lefty.

Simply having Indigenous heritage doesn’t automatically make someone disadvantaged.

In Australia we have a growing Indigenous middle class, successful people lucky enough to have the advantage of the generous education system, services and employment opportunities that our great nation has to offer ALL Australians.

They’ve done that WITHOUT a constitutional Indigenous “voice” to parliament, they’ve done it WITHOUT a treaty, and they’ve done it WITHOUT any need for some hero-complex lefty’s virtue signalling.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — a constitutional “voice” to parliament is redundant. The Australian people have freely elected TEN Indigenous Australians to Federal Parliament.

According to the recent census, Indigenous Australians account for 3.2 per cent of the population — they now make up 4.5 per cent of the Australian Federal Parliament.

You don’t need a constitutionally mandated representation for a group overrepresented in Parliament.

Yes, many of the most marginalised in our country are Aboriginal, but the “gap” is not only between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians

It lies between successful Aboriginals and marginalised Aboriginals just as much as it does between successful and marginalised people of ALL backgrounds. …

There are plenty of voices … being ignored by the political elite trying to win woke social points. Instead of making this about race, instead of virtue signalling for political gain, we need to focus our efforts on the REAL problems, with REAL solutions to improve the lives of marginalised Australians — no matter their background.

Sounds like Pauline Hanson — another pro-Australian, anti-narrative outsider — when she called for welfare benefits to be distributed on the basis of need, not race.

hat-tip Stephen Harper