Deconstructing the “Woke World”: Desperation, Design, and Dementia

Deconstructing the “Woke World”: Desperation, Design, and Dementia. By Alan Sabrosky.

The race-equality activists lost:

Where blacks moved into a neighborhood, school or city, most others — whites, Asians and Latinos, whatever — left if they could. Even worse (for them), blacks consistently scored lower on virtually every test for every purpose than all other groups — again throughout the country, including states without de facto or de jure segregation.

This was the first major fracture in the civil rights movement’s belief system: individual exceptions notwithstanding, Equal Opportunity simply did not work for blacks as a definable group anywhere. So this was explained away by the legacy of slavery (gone then over a century), segregation (still largely in place in many states in the South and some cities elsewhere) and ongoing racism (something of a catch-all explanation of last resort). …

By the late 1980s, it was obvious to all but some truly blind civil rights fanatics that without preferential programs, blacks in general would fail to compete (except in some sports) on anything approaching an equal basis with Asians, whites and most Latinos, in that order. Many liberals and black leaders spoke darkly of “color draining out” if preferential programs were phased out — the fact that Asians did not seem to have this problem, and did better than whites in most areas, was simply ignored.

Civil rights activists were mostly not blind to what was happening, but they refused to discard or even modify significantly their core belief that all races are inherently equal.

They rejected any suggestions based on black behavior, here and abroad to the contrary, no matter what the empirical evidence. They bewailed the persistence of racism, never understanding that while (a) there was then and remains now a great deal of mostly unexpressed dislike of blacks among all other races; but (b) much of it — perhaps almost all these days — is due to high rates of black criminality and visible irresponsibility, plus the observable decline of neighborhoods, schools and cities everywhere blacks become a majority or even a significant minority. Once-thriving cities like Detroit and Baltimore, or neighborhoods like Chicago’s South Side and Watts in Los Angeles, as well as their counterparts everywhere, are stark testimony to this phenomenon, despite strenuous efforts by the “news” and entertainment media to conceal it as much as possible. …

Civil rights activists and their liberal political allies had pounded the square peg of black reality into the round hole of genuine equality for decades, and done great damage both to the black community and to American society.

The Marxists had lost:

Into this morass of once-high hopes and dashed expectations came an assembly of largely white, largely Jewish-led radicals — most if not all professing (if not practicing) some form of Marxism. These are the people we call today “cultural Marxists,” although they can no longer be separated out from the others in their broad coalition, and few are Marxists in the classical sense.

They are the intellectual and political heirs of the early Communists, and share many of their tenets – including the need for revolution rather than reform to bring about systemic change in capitalist systems, creating a new (and presumably better) order out of chaos and ruin. …

They were few in number, had few converts (including however at least two very important ones, Barack and Michelle Obama), and little hope of more. …

obama thinking

But team up race-equality activists with Marxists, and rebadge them as woke — and they are currently winning:

It became glaringly obvious that without a sea change in their agenda, the dreams of the civil rights movement for blacks — and largely for blacks alone, however much they wanted to include Hispanics — would never be realized. For their part, the self-professed Marxist revolutionaries had come to realize that without some significant change in their fortunes, they were consigned to the margins of the political system, plus the odd academic appointments. Neither group was willing to see that happen to them.

The de facto bonding of the two gave each of them something they needed. The civil rights activists, whose power base was the Democrat Party, got both an explanation for their setbacks in the amorphous concept of an undefinable “systemic racism” predicated on “white supremacy” so deeply entrenched in the American culture that mere social programs and legislation could not overcome it, and a plan of action for moving ahead. The neo-Marxists got numbers for the first time in their history in America — Lord, did they get numbers! — to carry out their agenda, plus legitimacy and access to power beyond their wildest dreams. Moreover, and most importantly, they now had a path to real power through their manipulation and virtual control of the Democrat Party itself — which moved left on the political spectrum so much that there was little if any overlap with moderate Republicans at the wings. To appreciate just how far it moved, we should understand that previous Democrat presidents like Harry Truman and John Kennedy would have no place whatsoever in today’s Democrat Party. Therein lies an unspeakable tragedy.

In what has to be one of the oddest political and ideological marriages of convenience in history, desperate civil rights activists and designing radical cultural Marxists found what each needed in the other.

Later black militants, left-wingers who coalesced in Antifa, and an assortment of LGBTQ (I forget the rest of the characters in this gender goulash) joined in — tentatively at first, then enthusiastically, finding common cause with the original allies.

And it has the potential to break what remains of the once-proud and confident American constitutional order and to shatter the surviving remnants of the “American Dream” beyond repair. …

This dementia reached its plateau — one might say launch pad — during Obama’s second term. … For the very first time key radical efforts were endorsed directly or obliquely by a sitting President. It is important to understand that his and his wife’s (Michelle is actually far more radical) intellectual and spiritual mentors, so to speak, were a panorama of Marxists, race-obsessed anti-American or anti-white black preachers or activists, and assorted left-wing radicals – all kept largely from public scrutiny by an obliging media. …

Dementia as the left’s “new normal”:

It would be a grievous error to dismiss all of the brouhaha from the Left generally and Democrats in particular as mere posturing for public effect, or as a transitory phase that will wither away with the passage of time. They are deadly serious.

When the Department of Justice considers parents who protest what their children are being force-fed in schools to be “domestic terrorists,” or the Democrat Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives refers to her political opponents as “enemies of the state,” they mean it. Now, I expect most of those at the apex of the Democrat pyramid (encompassing the various radical groups supporting their agenda) know full well what they are doing, and others may understand that they are playing a form of “adult charades” in return for donations and applause. But many others are “true believers” in the classic sense

It is these “true believers” in the Democrat mantra of “diversity, equity and inclusion” everywhere and at any cost that are the real danger. This is because of their numbers and their moral blindness to the consequences of, or their indifference to, the cost of pursuing their goals.

If this makes them out to be insane, it is because that is precisely what they are, in a clinical and not in a pejorative sense. … They appear to us to be deluded, but for them, their delusion is their reality.

Now, mass insanity based on delusion is certainly not unknown in history: political and religious movements abound throughout the ages evincing this characteristic. We often dismiss their thoughts with something like “that’s a crazy idea,” but do not necessarily consider them insane. This is in part because reasonable people are somewhat uncomfortable or even fearful around the truly insane. It also explains in part why the demented “wokesters” and others in the Democrat circus so often go unchallenged: it is something much deeper, and more subconscious, than a simple wish not to engage in a pointless argument, or to be called assorted bad names.

Three things make the adherents of part or all of the Democrat dementia truly insane.

First, they display monomania: everything is judged through the prism of race (or “racism”) — society, education, history, culture, and so forth –and by definition everything is found wanting.

Second, this is compounded by gender dysphoria (confusion): biology gives way to ideology — if a strapping male with male genitals identifies as a woman, or if a woman thinks she is a man, these people consider it reality — and denying it awakens the mob.

Third, there is a lemming-like suicidal compulsion: while there is for some an element of opportunity here, for white people who align with this movement, they are cooperating in the death of their own culture and probably their race. If individual suicide is the ultimate in personal self-destructiveness, how much greater is willing the destruction of one’s own culture and race? Even societies which accepted individual suicide would find the notion of promoting racial and cultural self-destruction to be utterly abhorrent — doubly so ours and other Western countries today.

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