How to Capture an Institution with Rudeness and Rehiring

How to Capture an Institution with Rudeness and Rehiring. By Jonathan Turley.

Anthropology professor Joseph Manson announced his retirement this month with a broadside blog post that detailed the loss of academic freedom and integrity at UCLA. Manson describes [the…] standard measures used to force out dissenting or conservative voices, including the isolation and investigation of colleagues to get them to resign.

He is now among that lengthening list of such faculty who have decided to cut their academic careers short rather than work under such intolerable conditions. ….

Manson described how the anthropology department was a healthy and diverse intellectual environmental until the 2000s when things began to change dramatically. It is the same time period identified by others when a critical mass seemed to form on many faculties of professors who began to almost exclusively hire liberal colleagues and shun those with opposing views. …

Among the examples of the intolerance on campus, Manson gave a detailed account of the “defenestration of a colleague,” P. Jeffrey Brantingham. His colleague created software to predict urban crime through simulation models. The research was immediately denounced as being racist and anti-Black. … What caught my eye was Manson’s description of the shunning by his colleagues:

Not only was Jeff ostracized, he was unpersoned. None of the faculty talked about him, if they could possibly avoid it. Meanwhile, our department chair opened most faculty meetings by solemnly intoning that our department was a community, a family, and that ‘we’re here for each other.’ In private conversations, I was able to elicit from some of my colleagues an embarrassed acknowledgment that the Woke faction had treated Jeff abominably, and that we strongly resembled a dysfunctional family in denial.”

It is an all-too-familiar account. …

Today, a palpable level of fear and intimidation exists among many faculty members that they could be the next target of one of these campaigns.

Most professors are not protected by tenure, and universities can cite other reasons for not renewing their contracts. … Roughly three of four faculty today are what are called “contingent faculty,” or faculty who work contract to contract.

This is the technique pioneered by feminists. Be rude and threatening to those whose political views you don’t like. Eventually they go away. Replace them, but only with people who share your political views. There, captured the institution.