Gender quotas bite Australian Labor hard

Gender quotas bite Australian Labor hard. By Flat White.

It is going to be extremely difficult to write this while maintaining an air of sympathy — so bear with me.

According to The Australian over the weekend, Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Queensland Labor government is set to ‘force’ (politely nudge?) three of its male MPs to resign so they can balance out the gender quotas in preselection.

What is it they say? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

The alleged looming threat of coerced resignation is being made in line with the Labor Party’s ‘Affirmative Action policy’ — also known as gender discrimination when viewed in the daylight. How else could you describe a policy that advocates hiring and firing based upon gender (no — wait — do they mean ‘biological sex’?) instead of merit?

45 per cent of Labor preselection have to be women. No, Labor haven’t worked out how to define ‘women’ yet, but that won’t stop them writing policy referencing women. …

With all the quota girls padding out Labor’s ranks, it remains baffling that they chose a — how do we hear it phrased by the Left? Oh yes. A ‘stale, pale, male’ to lead the party… There is no point arguing on merit, experience, or hard work — as Labor have established, it’s all about the chromosomes in 2022, and Albanese has an errant ‘Y’ that no amount of Women’s Weekly makeovers can fix.

Meanwhile, in the real world, most women despise the very notion of ‘gender’ policies that reduce women to statistical requirements. It is a system that parachutes unqualified women into positions at the expense of more suitable candidates. At the same time, the women who deserve their roles are forever tarnished with the ‘quota girl’ suspicion.

It’s lose-lose for women, underpinned with a bit of extra resentment from men who (quite rightly) feel that it is wrong to award someone a job because they make the office ‘look right’ to meet some arbitrary virtue goal.

In this case, the Labor men deserve what they get.

Why would any man belong to the Labor Party, knowing they will be discriminated against and treated differently because they are male? Or white?