Could Kemi Badenoch select the next UK PM?

Could Kemi Badenoch select the next UK PM? By James Tapsfield.

Round 3 results of the Tory leadership contest:

Rishi Sunak: 115 votes

Penny Mordaunt: 82 votes

Liz Truss: 71 votes

Kemi Badenoch: 58 votes

Tom Tugendhat: 31 votes — eliminated

Little known to the public before the Conservative battle for the leadership role, Mrs Badenoch received nine votes up from the last ballot with 58 — but she is most at risk of being knocked out during the next vote castings on Tuesday.

She has had a plain and simple stance in presenting her beliefs which has gained her popularity, including when she declared that trans women were ‘men using women’s bathrooms’ in 2018, and has been equally as direct on issues of race.

If Mrs Badenoch is knocked out of today’s round of votes, her supporters could be the determining factor between either Ms Truss or Ms Mordaunt reaching the final two against Rishi Sunak.

Rishi Sunak is of course the WEF favorite: