Covid: We need to talk about Australia

Covid: We need to talk about Australia. By Alex Berensen.

Unfortunately Alex doesn’t understand the difference between a lockdown and shutting your borders, and gets what happened in Australia in the first two yeas of covid completely wrong. However, now that we have entered the vaccinated-but-open age, he makes some good points.

For almost two years, the elite media [in the US] have held Australia up rapturously as an example of how the United States should have behaved and how many lives lockdowns and vaccines could have saved …

In May, the New York Times asked:

What went right in Australia and wrong in the United States?

For the standard slide-show presentation, it looks obvious: Australia restricted travel and personal interaction until vaccinations were widely available, then maximized vaccine uptake, prioritizing people who were most vulnerable before gradually opening up the country again.

But now Australia’s Covid success story has a new ending — and it may hold very hard lessons for vaccine advocates.

Since December, when the Omicron variant arrived, Australia has had an unending Covid wave. And after falling in April and May, infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are soaring again as Australia, which is in the Southern Hemisphere, enters its winter.

Of course, Australia’s overall Covid death toll relative to the size of its population is still far lower than the United States or Western European countries.

But for the last several months it has had more deaths per-capita, and nearly all those people are vaccinated. In the last six weeks, 656 people have died of Covid in New South Wales, Australia’s [most populous] state. More than 85 percent were vaccinated, and most of them had been boosted.

Even more concerning, Australia has also had a large increase in non-Covid deaths. During the first three months of 2022, Australia had almost 20 percent more deaths than normal. Even excluding Covid deaths, deaths were almost 10 percent above normal. Figures for April and May from Victoria, its second-[most populous] state, suggest excess deaths have risen even further since then and may be running 30 percent above normal — a stunningly high level.

It is hard to overstate what the unspooling crisis in Australia may mean for vaccine and lockdown advocates. Because it so successfully contained Covid in 2020 and 2021 and then used mRNA and DNA/AAV vaccines so aggressively, Australia is a near-perfect test case for what Omicron and future variants will do to a population that was mass vaccinated before being exposed to Covid.

The Australian authorities are not releasing meaningful stats that allow comparison of vaccinated versus unvaccinated, and they continue to ban ivermectin and HCQ.

However there are hints that the health authorities are beginning to recognize that vaccines don’t work well enough, and that they are going to have to switch to early treatment and anti-virals.

Eventually they might even advocate vitamin D, zinc, and ivermectin. Then they will have caught up to where India and Indonesia were in 2020. Or, they might continue sending megabucks to Pfizer.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific