Joe Biden’s presidency is sinking

Joe Biden’s presidency is sinking. By Daniel Henninger.

The New York Times reported that its poll with Siena College finds 64% of Democrats, not even waiting for the midterm election results, want their candidate in 2024 to be someone other than the president. That famous Democratic youth vote? Under 30, they’re down on Joe at a 94% rate. …

With the probably pointless caveat that things can change in politics, this means Mr. Biden is effectively a lame-duck president. If he runs, there will be a primary challenge, as there was in 1980 for Jimmy Carter.

Two Democratic governors, California’s Gavin Newsom and Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker, are already circling. RootsAction, a group aligned with Bernie Sanders, is planning a #DontRunJoe campaign. When Mr. Biden visited Cleveland last week to tout his economic accomplishments, the party’s candidate for U.S. Senate, Rep. Tim Ryan, and its candidate for governor, Nan Whaley, said scheduling conflicts prevented them from joining him. …

What a sad joke:

To be blunt: The reason most Americans don’t want Mr. Biden to run is that it’s clear by now that he has cognitive problems unacceptable in a person responsible for conducting the presidential office.

Since Inauguration Day, every public statement he has made to the American people, large or small, has been written by someone else for him to read by rote from a teleprompter. His off-the-cuff follow-ups are painful.

There are endless YouTubes of Biden gaffes, but I thought this was more interesting — for the contrast:

Mr. Biden’s condition didn’t begin on Inauguration Day. Those around him knew there was a problem, but the needs of the party prevailed

Even the Democrats have given up on him, and it’s not even half way through his presidency yet.