WTH Happened to Boris Johnson?

WTH Happened to Boris Johnson? By Danielle Pletka.

It seems it wasn’t one thing with Boris… it was everything: The lefty politics, the lying, the more lying and exhaustion with the drama. That’s the closest parallel to Trump America; the exhaustion many felt with the antics of the former president. But Johnson is a much deeper and sharper cookie; where Trump and Johnson are twins is in the lack of personal discipline. And both paid a heavy price.

Another key point about the Johnson term: He didn’t govern like a conservative. When you pull the proverbial lever for a candidate on the right, you expect him to, you know, be on the right. But the UK is laboring under higher taxes (the highest in half a century), labor unrest, green new deal style edicts etc. And no one wanted Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s politics without the winning smile… We jest, but not much.

But… but but but. Boris Johnson was wonderful on Ukraine, a star among leaders in his commitment to the defense of liberty and stalwart calls for more aid to beleaguered Kyiv. He also delivered Brexit, and spoke eloquently in pushing for separation from the cucumber-measuring-lawn-mower-regulating uber-bureaucrats in Brussels. That should not be forgotten.

At the end of the day, Johnson brought himself down. There’s a lesson there for all the actors on the American political stage.

Ed West:

Someone might have gone into a coma [a decade ago] and awoken with no idea who had been in charge this whole time. Immigration has reached record levels, the Pride flag flies from every building, DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] teams are ever more powerful and embedded in every university, government body, and corporation in the country. The only hint at who’s been in charge might be the visible increase in homelessness, the one tangible result of Tory rule.

Ryan Anderson:

Like the British, the Australian Right has been reduced to a state of either ineptitude or pathos as they enact their new role as ‘Noble Losers’, to alter a term coined by the American paleocons.

The right’s new raison d’etre is almost entirely procedural. They are expected to show up and play their part as purported evil ogres and act as mere leftist foils. It is a status confirmed by the minuscule amount of Liberals found in Canberra and reminiscent of the fate of the Right in what are now thoroughly-leftist locales like Canada, California, or our very own Victoria.