Covid’s Dangerous Theatre of the Absurd

Covid’s Dangerous Theatre of the Absurd. By David Archibald.

The province of Alberta in Canada puts outs annual statistics on causes of death. The data for 2021 was released on 30th June. What is hilarious is that the leading cause of death now, in this time of covid, is “Other ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality”. In 2021 there 3,362 cases of unknown causes of death in the province, more than doubled from the 1,464 cases in 2020. The category was first included in the top 30 causes of death in Alberta in 2019. So it has come from nowhere. This is the category that would include all the 19 year olds dying in their sleep, and the 16 year olds and all the others with no pre-existing conditions who are found dead in the morning, or if they live alone, days later after the pets had started chewing on them.



The hilarity comes from the fact that this new leading cause of death has attracted no interest. A new killer has emerged in a couple of years that kills more people than cancers of the breast, prostate, pancreas and colon combined — and no interest. It is the cause of death that dare not speak its name. …

The bureaucrats won’t tell us, and have stopped publishing any data that doesn’t put them in a good light (just like with global warming):

Is it the vaccines or covid that is causing more than 5,000 deaths a year in Alberta now? Alberta’s death rate is up 20% from pre-covid. But with a lot of people being doubled vaxxed and boosted and with one and more bouts of covid, it is all merging into one big dose of inflammation and insult to the immune system.

The vaccinated are more prone to covid infection though. That became evident in the UK covid statistics which became too embarrassing to continue so the data series was stopped on 31st March.

The vaccinated are more prone to infection by covid because their immune system is trained to make antibodies shaped to fight some prior version of the spike protein, and not the one they are infected with. It will be ever thus.

And it is being borne out by NSW Covid surveillance report. Most of the deaths in NSW now are in the triple and quadruple vaccinated … The death rate in the “3 dose” category is staggering — 25% of those hospitalized.

This was predicted early in the pandemic -– that there would be no vaccine worthy of the name for a corona virus because it mutates too fast. And that taking a dose of vaccine would make you more prone to infection due to original antigenic sin and thus antibody driven enhancement.

Ok, all that was predicted, in these pages, and has come to pass. A great chunk of the population has had their health compromised by governments who treat their citizens with contempt and forced vaccination on them.

But what is coming down the pike?

From the Twitter feed of a US medical man:

I work in the busiest hospital chemistry lab & busiest blood gas lab in the US. We test literally thousands of patient samples each day. It’s impossible not to notice the drastic & steady increase in abnormal test results across all patient groups over the course of the pandemic.

Think long & hard about why China is so hellbent on zero covid. I see why every day in my hospital. I know why when one day I’m ok, but the next day my legs & feet hurt & burn so bad it’s hard to walk & my heart goes crazy with palpitations & tachycardia. This is not sustainable.

Cases are rising rapidly all across the US. Hospitalizations rising as well. I’m seeing & hearing so many stories from people with more severe symptoms. This is headed in a really bad direction at the worst possible time, when almost all mitigations are gone & so many don’t care.

That first paragraph may mean that covid’s attack on people’s immune systems is bearing fruit, the bitter fruit of cancers and other things no longer held in check by their immune systems.

Now some people in the health system would be seeing the statistics come through and would be getting alarmed — just as the Bank of England was — about declining workforce participation due to long covid.

Covid has bits of HIV genetics in it. AIDS didn’t kill anyone within the first year of infection, but everyone was dead by year 10.

Our new federal health minister is talking about masking up again so perhaps he is seeing some numbers but not sharing them with us. But at the same time Customs is still seizing ivermectin from people coming into the country. Make up your mind Mr Butler — do you want us dead or not? Because if you keep the previous regime’s policies in place for too long, you own them and all the deaths and maiming that result from them.

Meanwhile, covid is going chronic: