Dispossessed by politicians wielding a climate theory, Dutch farmers are fighting back.

Dispossessed by politicians wielding a climate theory, Dutch farmers are fighting back. By The Spectator Australia.

Only a few months ago it was the Canadian government that attacked its own citizens in the most grotesque and terrifyingly authoritarian manner during the so-called Truckers Convoy revolt, when the Trudeau government actually froze the bank accounts and in essence attempted to starve out any individuals involved in what were legitimate peaceful democratic protests against onerous and job-threatening Covid mandates. …

Now it’s the turn of the Dutch to go ‘full totalitarian’ … This time it’s … climate change.

Currently the government of Mark Rutte’s laughably and ironically named ‘People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy’ is embarked upon insane efforts to slash greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of nitrogen ammonia in the soil by up to 70 per cent by 2030, or even by up to 95 per cent in some places, to meet green EU climate change targets they have signed up to. This literally means turfing people off their land. Indeed, the Netherlands House of Representatives has released a statement saying: ‘The honest message is that not all farmers will continue in business. Those who do will have to farm differently.’ …

Everyday hard-working Dutch family farmers have other ideas, and we are now seeing massive and growing protests, tractor blockades, manure being dumped onto government property and so on, with accusations the Dutch secret police are infiltrating the protesters, which is much the same playbook alleged to have been used by Trudeau during the Truckers Convoy.

Is this what happens when governments get infiltrated by globalist activist politicians who have supped at the feet of Klaus Schwab in Davos? If that sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, you’d be right. But alas, that is the claim of Mr Schwab himself back in 2017 when he boasted in an interview of how many world leaders today are graduates of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, and went on to claim how proud he was to have successfully ‘penetrated the cabinets’ of governments around the world, including claiming that ‘more than half’ of the Canadian cabinet were WEF acolytes.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek reckons the politicians are after their land to build more housing for new immigrants:

Very simple. This is about the Dutch Government stealing our farmer’s land … under the guise of a made-up nitrogen crisis. …

They want the land to house new immigrants. … [Also] the farmers are standing in the way of the great reset plans they have for us.