Tucker Carlson Demolishes ‘Journalist’ Calling Him a Racist

Tucker Carlson Demolishes ‘Journalist’ Calling Him a Racist. By Bonchie.

In his questions, the journalist over and over accuses Tucker of being a racist. Then, as Tucker starts to explain his views and how they are not racist, the journalist talks over him — because that’s not in the journalist’s script, and he is on a very important mission, so important that common decency, politeness,  and fairness can be jettisoned. Standard operating procedure for the left.

Despite the fact that Carlson himself was rather cordial in the beginning, Smith simply couldn’t help but make the conversation all about how the Fox News host is a “white supremacist.” …

Smith is an absolute hack, having worked for years at Buzzfeed before moving over to the Times, and it shows in everything he utters during the interview. He’s not asking questions. He’s pushing a narrative while attempting to hide behind the “I’m just a journalist” facade he’s built for himself. …

Carlson attempts to clearly express his views in an authentic, understandable way while Smith resides on a different planet. …

As Carlson notes, touting the bogeyman of “replacement theory” is simply a cheap attempt by the left to pretend they haven’t bragged about abusing the immigration system to ensure they remain in power. We are all old enough to remember “demographics is destiny” during the Obama years. Carlson is not a racist for correctly calling out Democrats for the very plans they’ve admitted to, and the Fox News host repeatedly tells Smith during the interview that he holds no animosity towards anyone based on their race.

Smith didn’t want to hear that, though, and things only got dumber after he brought up mass shooters, which led to Carlson delivering a rhetorical beatdown.

If it wasn’t for talking over guests, and their control of the media, these extremists would be nowhere.

The bottom line is that Carlson is not going to bend the knee to left-wing lunatics who think that crying “white supremacist” is the peak of intellectualism. Smith can continue to gnash his teeth over eight-second Media Matters clips, but Carlson’s influence goes so far beyond that of his critics. He’s winning and they aren’t. That drives them insane.

Best quote from Tucker:

The people I’m mad at are well-educated white liberals. The archetype of a person I don’t like is a 38-year-old white female lawyer with a barren personal life … I always say to people who call me racist: No, I hate you!”

Ed Driscoll:

If you are a conservative in America, your ire is most likely pointed at affluent, white liberals who believe they are the saviors of minorities and push radical left-wing policies with no care for the unintended consequences.

It’s not black people that Carlson is worried about. It’s certainly not Hispanics, many of whom are trending Republican these days. Rather, it’s people like Smith who pose the most present ideological danger to the nation, and last I checked, he’s white.