UK: Covid Becoming Chronic, like AIDS

UK: Covid Becoming Chronic, like AIDS. By Igor Chudov.

Covid is becoming a chronic disease, in the same sense as AIDS is a chronic disease. Covid, for many Brits, is an illness that will just not go away. Endless bouts, recurrence, or even never-ending disease, is now the norm and not the exception, and will lead to a catastrophe.

Covid, now a “chronic disease” that makes people ill continuously or very frequently, is completely opposite to “endemic disease”, like colds, that would make people ill for just a few days a year. …

The latest [UK] survey, as of March 19, shows that one out of every 16 Brits, or one out of every 11 Scots, is having an active Covid infection today.

But “new cases” are declining:

This graph of “incidence”, or “current prevalence”, of Covid, which is as high as it was during the January peak, completely diverged from “cases”, which are just about one-third of the peak:

How can it be?

The UK defines a “Covid case”, to be a positive Covid test result in an individual, where no other positive test was recorded in the 90 days prior.

This divergence is because about TWO THIRDS of currently ill Brits, are having a short term reinfection, or a continued chronic infection, that is not counted as a “case”.

One out of 16 sick means:

If, at any time in a year, one out of 16 persons is having Covid, it means that the average person would be sick 365/16 = 23 days per year. If a typical Covid illness lasts a week for its test-positive part, it means three Covids a year. …

It is not a certainty yet, but it could be that some people cannot clear the virus at all and keep testing positive for extended periods. …

Covid-19 is not a harmless cold. It depletes immune T cells, similarly to how AIDS does …

It may be that several short-term Covid reinfections will kill off immune T cells completely, so that they do not have time to replenish between infections, and thus the person would be left with no immune defenses whatsoever, just like people who are having AIDS.

They would become susceptible not just to chronic Covid, but to chronic opportunistic illnesses common to AIDS patients, and cancer. … Think of having AIDS with extra cardiovascular destruction, blood clots, “brain fog” etc — all this for an illness that cannot be stopped.

Persons who have such chronic Covid, will need to live among us, they need to go shopping, work while they still can, and mix with other people. Unlike those infected with HIV, which is bloodborne, the “chronic Covid” sufferers will be constantly infectious with an airborne illness. How will this affect our society? We can only guess. …

What about vaccination?

Despite being opposed to Covid vaccines, let me make one thing clear: both vaccinated and unvaccinated people have Covid reinfections. What is not fully clear is who has more of them, per 100,000 of relevant population. However, all signs point to the vaccinated bearing the brunt of repeat Covid infections and the immune deficits.

We urgently need our governments to investigate repeat reinfections and find out whether the vaccinated are more likely to get repeat or chronic Covid. Not quite surprisingly, no government in the world answered this question or is even looking. …

UKHSA statistics points squarely at vaccinated people as being far more likely to have a covid “case”, than the unvaccinated:

Data from here Mar 2022 (see here)

An additional issue is that as Covid “affects the brain”, we as a society may lose the intellectual capacity that we need to deal with this smartly, in a year or so, if our vaccinated best minds succumb to brain damage from repeat infections.

How’s that for a catastrophic possibility, which the globalists are keeping quiet about? It’s just a possibility — but it cannot be ruled out at this stage. So beware.

hat-tip David Archibald