Toronto Cops Look For Bearded ‘Woman’

Toronto Cops Look For Bearded ‘Woman’. By Rod Dreher.

I know, I know: what a bunch of dumbasses our ruling class is. But this is actually far more sinister. From Live Not By Lies:

In retrospect, this seems almost unbelievable. How could the Russians have been so blind? … Solzhenitsyn observed:

If the intellectuals in the plays of Chekhov who spent all their time guessing what would happen in twenty, thirty, or forty years had been told that in forty years interrogation by torture would be practiced in Russia; that prisoners would have their skulls squeezed within iron rings, that a human being would be lowered into an acid bath; that they would be trussed up naked to be bitten by ants and bedbugs; that a ramrod heated over a primus stove would be thrust up their anal canal (the “secret brand”); that a man’s genitals would be slowly crushed beneath the toe of a jackboot; and that, in the luckiest possible circumstances, prisoners would be tortured by being kept from sleeping for a week, by thirst, and by being beaten to a bloody pulp, not one of Chekhov’s plays would have gotten to its end because all the heroes would have gone off to insane asylums.

It wasn’t just the tsarists who didn’t see it coming but also the country’s leading liberal minds. It was simply beyond their ability to conceive.

The point is not that the Toronto Police folly is the same as the state crushing a prisoner’s genitals. The point is that people have no idea how quickly things they don’t imagine could happen actually can come to pass.

If you had told intellectuals in the 1990s that within thirty to forty years, the police force of a major world city would be sending out a tweet like that with a straight face — and that for the cops to fail to do so would be a crime in that jurisdiction — well, those intellectuals would have thought this was hysterical Religious-Right propaganda designed to divide us. It would never happen, they would have confidently predicted. …

Don’t forget these lines from Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four:

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

The Toronto Police force, agents of the State, tells you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. This is the most essential command of Wokeness.

Humans are the only species on this planet in which large numbers of unrelated individuals can function and cooperate. Ants and bees also work together well, but in each case the individuals in a hive or nest are all sisters or brothers — genetically very similar.

The trick humans developed for doing this — only a few thousand years ago — is to adopt common beliefs. If we all agree on a common understanding of reality and what the goals are, we can all work together. Every human civilization started as a religion — the temples are always the oldest archeological remains. Shared beliefs is what enables human society.

The woke are tearing up the previous shared belief system, which was based on Christianity, science, and modernity. They are instead enforcing a religion of victimhood, where “victims” are sacred. This requires some truly unreal nonsense, which is increasingly rendering our society unable to function well in the universe. Catastrophe approaches.