Identity politics destroys patriotism, while minority rule leaves them super-afraid of the majority

Identity politics destroys patriotism, while minority rule leaves them super-afraid of the majority. By the Z-Man.

This is the Fourth of July weekend, the high point of the summer and theoretically the most America holiday of the year. …  July 4th is expressly a holiday for celebrating what it means to be American. It is the one day of the year when normal people are allowed to be nationalistic and patriotic. You are even allowed to say nice things about the white people who founded the country. …

It seems that patriotism is on the wane. The days of retail shops decorating themselves with red, white and blue colors are gone. …

Of course, patriotism has always been a white thing. Black people are the least patriotic for obvious reasons. … The resentment is part of black identity. Therefore, the decline in patriotism is all about white people.

The steady decline in white patriotism can also be rooted in the antiwhite pogroms that have become a feature of America. Every ad maker complies with the edict to erase all white faces from their ads. The exception is the race mixing ads and when they use a white man as an object of ridicule. … Of course, politics is drenched in antiwhite rhetoric from the Left with conservatives nodding along. …

According to a recent poll, most people think the government is corrupt and a quarter are open to an armed revolt. Interestingly, the reason for this is in the text of that Guardian story. “This deadly attack on the US Capitol stemmed from the false, partisan, pro-Donald Trump belief that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. Rioters attempted to thwart certification of the election, in an effort to keep Trump in office.” This degree of lying naturally makes people want to revolt.

This raises the question as to whether patriotism is possible in this age. Back in the Bush years the media was biased against “conservatives” so naturally “conservatives” were patriotic as a way to oppose the liberal media. There seemed to be a line between the media and the political class, even if the media favored one side. Now only a simpleton thinks the media is anything but the voice of the ruling class. As a result, we are constantly reminded of their corruption.

If it is no longer possible for a rational person to feel any loyalty to the nation, then what will hold the country together?

In the book After Nationalism: Being American in an Age of Division, Samuel Goldman looks for a new way to unify the nation. Here is a good summary from Chronicles. Goldman describes the three prior unifying identities as the covenant, the crucible and the creed. These were the large frameworks in which patriotic loyalty was cultivated. There is plenty to dispute in that description, but what the Chronicles review makes clear is that there is no obvious fourth option.

The only way to arrive at something close to a civil society again is by first removing the people in charge of the political and cultural institutions. The crazies currently in charge are not going to be talked out of their positions and they are not going to sacrifice themselves for the common good, so that means physically removing them from power.

This is why the regime is so desperate to break up anything that looks like self-organizing by normal people. They understand better than most Americans that the only thing preventing a revolt is confusion in the masses. It is why they remain haunted by the January 6th events. Their determination to put Trump in jail is viewed by them as a matter of self-preservation. …

Identity politics always fails:

The fact is, the system holds together only if the majority population has no sense of identity at all. Patriotism focuses too much attention on the institutions and the people running them, so that cannot be allowed. Regional, religious or racial identity, at least among the majority population, is dangerous, so it is forbidden. The nature of minority rule is that it must make sure the majority never agrees on anything. Division is now the new creed of the American empire.