Despite Everything, Voters Prefer Trump to Biden

Despite Everything, Voters Prefer Trump to Biden. By John Hinderaker.

After years of non-stop hysteria from the Left, you would think Donald Trump would be–politically speaking–deader than a doornail. And yet, poll after poll shows him beating Joe Biden in 2024. The latest comes from Emerson:

That finding is typical of many others. …

Everyone now knows the attacks on Trump are false, so only the woke believe them:

The Democrats’ attacks are usually so stupid as to make you laugh out loud. Like the “hearings” currently going on in D.C. Like nearly all Americans, I have paid zero attention to them, not having watched a single minute. But based on headlines, I understand that the Democrats called a “bombshell” witness who testified to what Trump did in the presidential limo.

Where was the “bombshell” witness seated in the limo at the time? Well, she wasn’t in it. She was relating alleged hearsay from a couple of Secret Service agents. …

And, by the way, what was “bombshell” about her testimony? Trump wanted to go to the Capitol? Why not? Seems reasonable. He “lunged” for the wheel of the limo? Probably physically impossible, but in any event, so what? This is the Democrats’ idea of a scandal? Pathetic.

It also turns out that the Democrats’ committee has already taken testimony from the agents whose alleged statements were testified to by the woman who wasn’t there. What do they have to say? I think we can safely say that if their testimony was helpful to the Democrats — assuming that anyone cares about Trump wanting to go to the Capitol, but not actually going there — we would have heard it by now. The whole enterprise is inexpressibly lame. …


Still, I am not entirely happy about the polls that show Biden is a loser in 2024. Why? Because there is little chance that Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee. They know he is hopeless, and will only get worse over the next two years as his dementia proceeds. I don’t know who their nominee will be be, but it won’t be Biden.

On the GOP side of the aisle, I hope the nominee is not Trump. He was a very good president, but his personality flaws and his obsession with the 2020 election make him a weak candidate in 2024. Voters want to look forward, not backward. If the Democrats nominate a fresh face who runs against a Trump obsessed with past grievances, the Democrat likely will win. Which would be tragic.

So, sure: enjoy the polls that demonstrate the impotence of the liberal media. But don’t be fooled into thinking that an aging, self-obsessed Donald Trump will be our best nominee in 2024.

Trump and DeSantis are hot favorites for the Republication nomination.

But who can the Democrats run? Biden, Harris, and Clinton are truly awful — and won’t fool many normies to vote for them. Bernie Sanders? Michelle Obama? Princess Megan? Oprah Winfrey? AOC? All too extreme or lightweight.