Fox News *Still* Hasn’t Updated Hoax Story About Trump Assaulting Secret Service

Fox News *Still* Hasn’t Updated Hoax Story About Trump Assaulting Secret Service. By Nick Nolte.

The on-its-face ludicrous (more on this below) tale of former President Trump lunging at a steering wheel and assaulting a Secret Service agent remains on Fox News without an update about its debunking. …

So what we have here is Fox News continuing to spread an OBVIOUS hoax even AFTER it’s been debunked.

Fox is deliberately endorsing a blatant lie that was glaringly false from the moment it was spoken

This Cassidy Hutchinson woman claimed she heard the “lunge” story third-hand from White House deputy chief of staff Tony Ornato, and now this same Tony Ornato says he never told her that story.

I’m no lawyer, but isn’t that perjury? Isn’t that… newzzzz?

Moreover, this Hutchinson loon claimed she wrote a note everyone says she didn’t. Talk about fruit of the poison tree. …

The left breathlessly believed a ridiculous story and put it all over the media. It was on the Australian ABC main bulletin last night:

The story is ridiculous! It’s ridiculous on its face! It’s ridiculous outside of any context! But.

The context here is that these people have been inventing audacious lies about Trump for seven years, and none of them are true!

The context here is that we’re supposed to believe a sitting president assaulted the Secret Service, and that news didn’t leak for 18 months!

Fox News spreads the Christine Blasey Ford hoax, and people keep watching. Fox News trolls its audience by calling Arizona early in 2020, and people keep watching. Fox News laughs at the “gullible rubes” who keep watching.

And before that, that Trump was a Russian agent, and peed on prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. Three years of tv testimony from deep state people, before the Mueller inquiry found nothing.

The most ludicrous was perhaps Christine Blasey-Ford, who solemnly testified that Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Court judge, led a high school rape gang.

That was reported as fact on the ABC News too, and never corrected.

Crazy, desperate lies, but half the population might believe them for a while.

hat-tip Charles