Covid: East Germany Re-Emerges

Covid: East Germany Re-Emerges. By David Archibald.

This is hilarious. From this blog, this is a map of Omicron BA.5 incidence in Germany:



The former East Germany is outlined in green and you will note that it has a lower infection rate than the former West Germany. Which reflects the different vaccination rates of the two former German republics:



The former East Germany has a lower vaccination rate than the former West Germany, and this has resulted in a lower incidence of the latest covid variant. …

A majority in the populations of the Western world have now been vaccinated and are thus more prone to a covid infection. The vaccinated have tuned their immune systems to make antibodies to a prior version of the spike protein. Their antibodies have lower efficacy against subsequent versions of the spike protein from later viral variants. This explains why the vaccinated have a higher proclivity for infection and why vaccine efficacy goes negative after a few months.

The Canadian Prime Minister, a big enforcer of vaccine mandates, has been vaccinated and took a booster shot on 4th January, 2022. He was duly infected with covid later that month on 31st January and re-infected on 13th June, four and and half months later. The question is: how fast will re-infections come from here? In theory, each bout of covid gives your immune system a whacking (depletion of CD8+ T cells) which will mean that you are more likely to be re-infected.

So with covid endemic, the time between covid re-infections should keep falling, in theory. This will be an interesting number to track, because the fate of Western Civilization is dependent upon it. Because the trend, if it emerges, will be self-reinforcing and exponential.

Covid has a number of pathologies but … anyone who has had covid has increased their chance of developing these nasty neurodegenerative diseases … such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. …

But we can choose another fate, if we want to. Shanghai, a population of 25 million living on top of each other, has successfully gone zero covid. By their example, we can get rid of covid any time we care to make the effort. The unknown is how much pain and suffering we will have to go through before the necessity to do so becomes apparent.

In what must be the biggest medical mistake in history, we humans created a nasty virus in a bioweapons lab and it escaped, and then we vaccinated 4 billion+ people with poor vaccines that make things worse. How much worse? Time will tell.