Fauci gets covid rebound despite four vaccination shots and Pfizer’s anti-viral

Fauci gets covid rebound despite four vaccination shots and Pfizer’s anti-viral. By Igor Chudov.

Dr. Fauci is double boosted. The four doses of safe and effective vaccines, of course, did not prevent him from catching Covid. Facing a Covid infection, he took Paxlovid and sincerely believed that he would be alright.

Watch him brag about the success of his vaccine and Paxlovid:

Guess what? Paxlovid did not work for Dr. Fauci. After feeling fine for a few days, he is now having a rebound of his Covid infection.

And what is he doing now? Taking MORE Paxlovid — a second course, to be exact. This is despite the agency of his own government, FDA, gaslighting Paxlovid rebounders and not recommending a second course. Never mind, Dr. Fauci is obviously above FDA’s recommendations.

He is feeling “much worse” during the rebound than he felt in the beginning. So much for saying that Paxlovid makes Covid milder! …

That the covid rebound occurred implies that Fauci is probably vaccinated (some queried this) and that he isn’t taking ivermectin or HCQ (which do not cause rebounds). But Paxloid is not appropriate, as Pfizer knows:

I alleged that Pfizer knew that Paxlovid did not work in vaccinated people, because Pfizer KICKED OUT vaccinated people out of its EPIC-SR trial midstream. FDA dismissed the suffering of Paxlovid victims like Dr. Fauci and gaslit the rebounders, saying they are only 1-2% of cases (yeah right) …

I exposed Paxlovid as a new dishonest business model for Pfizer (selling more and more of it as it fails to work and makes people COVID spreaders thinking they are fine) and explained that FDA and Pfizer were lying about the rebound rate, which was more like 12% even for unvaccinated people …

A scientific study from Israel illustrated that Paxlovid totally does NOT work in vaccinated people, making it obvious why Pfizer did not want them included in clinical trials. Pfizer finally admitted defeat and acknowledged that Paxlovid does not work in standard-risk patients. But, with characteristic chutzpah, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla declared that half of all people are “high risk”, so Pfizer will still push this snake oil medication onto unsuspecting trusting vaccinated patients. …

Dr. Fauci is doing something that the FDA never recommended — he is taking another course of Paxlovid. Will it work? To answer this question, remember that Paxlovid is a PAUSE button. It simply stops a certain “protease” enzyme from cleaving viral RNA strands for 5 days, thus suspending infection.

Paxlovid worked in most unvaccinated people whose immune systems still functioned and could mount a proper response to Sars-Cov-2 in five days, thus quashing the rebound in 88% of cases.

However, vaccinated people had many more rebounds, because they did not have a biological response quick enough to respond after the five-day PAUSE from Paxlovid ended.

So, Dr. Fauci’s solution is to press the Paxlovid PAUSE button again, giving Pfizer another $530. If his immune system, damaged by quadruple vaccination, is unable to form a response in yet five more days, he may end up having a SECOND REBOUND. Fauci is in uncharted territory, because to my knowledge, two Paxlovid courses with a rebound in between, were never tried on anybody.

Fauci is the guinea pig for Pfizer’s crook anti-viral? Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate guy. Still, we wish him a speedy recovery, and that he learns a lesson.

David A:

Is Fauci stupid as well as evil?

That he doesn’t understand the basics of what he was dealing with?

He won’t retire but a prolonged bout of covid might finish off the little imp.

hat-tip David Archibald