Constitutional Law Victory: Some Non-Leftists Can’t Cope with Winning

Constitutional Law Victory: Some Non-Leftists Can’t Cope with Winning. By the Z Man.

The Supreme Court of the United States finally handed down its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the landmark abortion case. The court ruled that the Constitution does not provide a right to an abortion, thus overturning Roe v. Wade and the logic behind the decision. Clarence Thomas suggested that this will lead to the overturning of other cases reliant on such imaginative jurisprudence. …

Conservative Inc. is also struggling with this one. Their whole model is based on losing gracefully, so they are unprepared for an actual victory. Crisis counselors have been called to American Enterprise and Heritage to help the staff cope with something they were told could never happen. For professional conservatives, Dobbs is like seeing Big Foot riding a unicorn. They are questioning their sanity.

What makes this even more difficult for Conservative Inc. is the fact that Dobbs was made possible by their archnemesis, Donald Trump. In his debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump made clear that abortion would be a litmus test issue for him when it came time to select judges for the court. His matter-of-fact explanation for how he would roll back Roe was mocked at the time, but it turned out to be correct.

Ben Shapiro attacked Trump and Trump supporters for thinking that it was possible to stack the court with judges who would follow through on their claims. Shapiro was sure that Trump was not only lying, but too stupid to understand how the court worked and how the nomination process worked. He also claimed that Trump lacked the stones to stand up to the left when it came to judges.

Unsurprisingly, Shapiro was wrong on all counts. This will have no impact on his status within the conservative echo chamber, as being wrong is universal. One of the many reasons conservatism is nothing more than a legacy grift right now is that no one in the movement ever paid a price for being wrong. Instead, being wrong turned into a weird status symbol that elevated the stupid over the intelligent. …

The real impact of Dobbs is in reminding the white remnant that what matters is who decides, not how they decide. For generations they have been told by their betters that process is their greatest virtue. It took a billionaire bumpkin from beyond the pale to prove that process is a tool. In the hands of good men, it results in good ends. In the hands of alien rulers, the best process leads to bad ends.

Personnel is policy. Can’t stress this enough.