Republican leaders side with Joe Biden, declare war against Republican voters

Republican leaders side with Joe Biden, declare war against Republican voters. By Tucker Carlson.

Biden’s malicious ineptitude is so overwhelming that it is single-handedly changing American politics and everywhere there are signs of it, signs of a massive generational realignment taking shape, taking shape in response to the disasters this administration has created.

The old coalitions are crumbling before our eyes. Suddenly we’re seeing Hispanic voters, African and Middle Eastern immigrants, as well as huge numbers of American-born young men, all running at remarkable speed from Joe Biden and the anti-human corporate neoliberalism he represents. …

Joe Biden’s support among Hispanics has dropped to a stunning 24%. That’s the lowest among any ethnic group in America. …

Roughly 9 out of 10 Black voters supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Since then, less than two years, Biden’s approval rating among African-Americans has dropped by 20 percentage points and the same is true with Asian voters. …

The only group that continues to enthusiastically support Joe Biden is college-educated White voters in urban areas, particularly middle-aged women with unhappy personal lives. If you’ve got more than three cats in an NPR tote bag and wear a mask alone in the car, you are all-in. Everyone else is running away. Effectively, what we’re seeing is the end of the modern Democratic Party. …

First 18 minutes, one of his strongest monologues ever:

So what does the stupid party do?

How are Republican leaders responding to this fact, to this opportunity? Are they making the case for a better way? Are they offering an alternative to what the Democrats have brought this country? No, they’re not. They’re doing something you never would have expected. Republican leaders are siding with Joe Biden.

At the very moment that Joe Biden is at his weakest, months before a pivotal midterm election, Republicans are propping him up. They are saving Biden from himself.

Since the day Biden was elected, Republicans in Washington have taken Biden’s side on virtually every significant item in his policy agenda. That would include: COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates, transgender ideology in school, sanctions against China, the January 6 charade, free speech, civil liberties, spying by the Intel agencies, preserving the big tech monopolies, the anti-White race politics of CRT and Juneteenth, border enforcement and energy policy, and above all, the administration’s signature issue: its lunatic and reckless support for the war on Ukraine. Republicans are all-in.

Republican leaders have more in common with the Democrats — the party of government and the wealthy — so they switched sides, without informing their voters:

Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are united in their fear of populism and in their gut-level loathing of the American public and they’re not alone. What Washington fears most is democracy — that is letting voters have what they want. That’s not allowed. Republicans and Democrats have formed a uniparty specifically to prevent it. You see this everywhere, but you see it most clearly in the gun control legislation that’s in the Senate right now. …

You have to ask how many of those voters went to the polls in the last election, hoping above all, to elect leaders who support gun confiscation of law-abiding Americans, red flag laws? Not very many. So, what we’re seeing here, to be clear, is a subversion of democracy.

You get to vote for whoever you want in this country. It can be a Republican or a Democrat, a liberal or conservative, but in the end, you’re going to get the very same thing every time. You’re going to get a weaker U.S. dollar. You’re going to get more pointless foreign wars and you’re going to get a lower standard of living for the middle class.

In America, as in Western Europe, there’s only one flavor of politics allowed, and that is corporate politics. Just as there’s only one flavor of media allowed, which is corporate media and those two forces work together toward the same goal: more power for them, less power for you; fewer families, more dollar stores; less choice, more coercion; less diversity, more sameness. Sound familiar?

That’s the Chinese model. But for Mitch McConnell, whose family, like so many families in Washington, has become rich from its ties to the Chinese government, it seems normal, but it’s not normal.

This level of disconnection from what voters actually want is dangerous and it’s destabilizing. Self-government is what keeps countries calm and stable. Democracy is a pressure relief valve. Don’t storm the Bastille, vote. If you take that away or if you strip it of its meaning, people become angry and frustrated and over time they become revolutionary and everyone in Washington knows this.

So, no wonder they want to disarm you. You can’t have guns because they no longer trust you and they no longer trust you because they know they’ve betrayed you. This is how democracy dies, not in darkness, but in plain sight, live on C-SPAN.

We were hoping that by opening up with trade and relations the Chinese would become more like us. Nuh, backfired.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific