Top this, virtue signalers!

Top this, virtue signalers! By Olivia Day.

Outspoken Greens senator Lidia Thorpe claims Australia’s Parliament has no permission to be here — and says she’s only a member so she can ‘infiltrate’ the institution.

The senator said her entry into the ‘colonial project’ was due to her aspirations to ‘renew the nation’ and be a voice and spokesperson for First Nations people.

Appearing on The Project on Tuesday, Senator Thorpe said she also removes the Australian national flag during press conferences after Greens leader Adam Bandt was recently criticised for the same move.

‘The Australian flag does not represent me or my people,’ she told the panel.

‘It represents the colonisation of these lands, and it has no permission to be here, there’s been no consent, there’s been no treaty, so that flag does not represent me.’ …

But you swore allegiance to the Queen?

[Panellist Waleed Aly  asked Senator Thorpe if she had given up her First Nations sovereignty by pledging allegiance to the Queen when she entered Parliament.

The line of questioning enraged some viewers, who took to social media to brand him ‘offensive’ with others calling the interview a ‘train wreck’.

‘We have never ceded our sovereignty as First Nations people in this nation ever, ever, ever,’ senator Thorpe said of her dismissal of the national flag.

Aly challenged her on this point, asking whether she ceded her sovereignty when she pledged allegiance to the Queen. …

Under section 42 of the constitution, a politician has to swear an oath of allegiance to the monarch before taking their seat in Parliament.

Senator Thorpe said she had to take the oath in order to get into Parliament and advocate on behalf of her ‘people’.

‘I am here for my people, and I will sacrifice swearing allegiance to the coloniser to get into the media like I am right now, to get into the parliament like I am every day,’ she said. …

The tense moment sparked backlash online from left-wing activists.

Academic Chelsea Watego wrote: ‘The cheek of this settler telling an Aboriginal woman that she has ceded sovereignty.’

Under woke rules, only female aboriginals are allowed to criticize Senator Thorpe — and there is one!

Incoming Northern Territory Country Liberal Party senator Jacinta Price has called for senator Thorpe to be dismissed from parliament.

‘I think she has nothing but contempt for the Australian people and she doesn’t respect the position she is in,’ Ms Price said.

‘I personally feel that the Governor-General should take a closer look at what her real intentions are and consider whether this is possible grounds for dismissal.

Ms Price went on to describe the senator as ‘divisive’ and ‘childish’.

This shows why Australia needs a third house of Parliament, for Aboriginal people. And racial identity cards, so we all know the privileges aren’t handed out to people pretending to be of a different race. There is a dearth of information on the Internet about Thorpe’s ancestry.