Is the Green Energy Climate Cabal Crumbling?

Is the Green Energy Climate Cabal Crumbling? By Stacey Lennox.

As President Joe Biden waxes poetic about the amazing “transition” his energy policies will affect, the green fervor in Europe is flailing.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel led the charge in Europe. She did such a good job that Spiegel International called electricity a luxury good in 2013. Germany paid the highest electricity rates in Europe then, and a renewable energy surcharge was poised to raise them by 20%. German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier provided the following advice for Germans struggling to pay for Merkel’s “project of the century,” Energiewende. The policy project shifted from using nuclear to “green energy,” like wind and solar.

“Join in and start today,” Altmaier writes in the introduction. He then turns to such everyday activities as baking and cooking. “Avoid preheating and utilize residual heat,” Altmaier advises. TV viewers can also save a lot of electricity, albeit at the expense of picture quality. “For instance, you can reduce brightness and contrast,” his booklet suggests.

As we know now, Merkel adopted a ‘not in my backyard” (NIMBY) approach and increased fossil fuel imports from Russia. Her green policies were a primary driver of President Biden lifting the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Many, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, believe Biden caving to Merkel emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin in his invasion of Ukraine. Food and energy are the underlying causes of most wars, and the current conflict is no exception.

However, the war is causing Germany’s new government to take a hard look at the pro-scarcity green energy policies they have imposed on their population for years. Russia is restricting the flow of natural gas to Europe. Unlike France, which did not kill its nuclear energy capacity, Russia’s restriction hits Germany even harder because President Joe Biden has adopted the same ridiculous NIMBY policies Merkel employed, and the U.S. cannot increase shipments to Germany.

So Germany is firing up coal plants.

It’s not just the birds getting killed in windmills:

People who question the wisdom of solar and wind power because they are low-density sources have often pointed to the toxicity of materials used in solar panels and batteries. Lithium and cobalt, used in lithium-ion batteries, have both demonstrated toxicity to humans, hence the warnings any time you receive a product containing one. It is also why you cannot dispose of them in a landfill. Mining rare earth metals is also an environmental mess. Their production appears to be another NIMBY opportunity for Western nations who will not mine them at home, buying them instead from China. Most of the mining and refining of these metals takes place there.

It seems that Republicans at home are finally figuring out just how dangerous the green energy push is. It is an economic risk as fuel prices drive inflation across the supply chain. It is also a national security risk, making us dependent on regimes that hate us like the Chinese.

Renewable energy is only feasible because the energy used to mine the metal for the machinery for renewables comes from fossil fuels. If the energy to mine the minerals came from renewables, the renewables could not pay for themselves. Our ruling class are ideological and ignorant. And some of them are making a great deal of money out of switching our energy sources from coal and nuclear to unreliables.