January 6 hearing: Majority of US believes Donald Trump should be charged over riots

January 6 hearing: Majority of US believes Donald Trump should be charged over riots. By Adam Creighton.

More than half of Americans say Donald Trump should be charged with a crime over his role in the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill, according to a new poll that suggests the Congressional committee charged with investigating the traumatic day might be having an impact on public opinion.

At the halfway point of six public and televised hearings into the January 6th riots, which have accused the former president of instigating and encouraging the riot, 58 per cent of Americans said the former president “should be charged with a crime” according to an ABC News/IPSOS poll, up from 52 per cent in a separate poll in April.

Really, these were the only guys who happened to get to the speaker’s chair?

The poll, conducted after the third public hearing that aired last Thursday (Friday AEST), found three quarters of respondents believed Mr Trump bore some blame for the historic riot. …

“Partisanship appears to be the largest driver behind these sentiments, with almost all Democrats believing Trump is responsible versus fewer than a quarter of Republicans,” IPSOS said in a statement, noting 91 per cent of Democrats said Mr Trump was culpable compared with 19 per cent of Republicans.

A third of Americans, according to the poll of 545 voters, said they had watched the hearings “closely”, while 37 per cent said they had paid little attention. “Sixty per cent believe the committee is conducting a fair and impartial investigation,” IPSOS said.

I think the propaganda is dead wrong on most of the important facts, but it is effective, especially in confirming the view of left voters.