New Trend For Young Chinese: Give Up And “Let it Rot”

New Trend For Young Chinese: Give Up And “Let it Rot”. By China Insights.

Lawrence Person:

  • The unemployment rate for those 16-24 is 18.2%. “The highest rate since official figures began.”
  • Even graduates of prestigious Peking University were competing for entry level bureaucratic jobs.
  • The repeat Flu Manchu lockdowns were the last straw for many. “What is the point of working hard when you can lose your basic rights as a human being, when your home can be broken into and when your private items can be thrown away at will?
  • Chinese people once thought that if they worked hard and followed the rules they could have a good future but that seems to be an illusion.” Yeah, totalitarian Communist states are funny that way…

The problem with reports like this is that it’s hard for those of us outside China to determine just how widespread this phenomena is.

There is also a bad sex imbalance in China, with many more young men than young women.

It’s not just China, but around the world many young people have given up on marriage, home ownership, and employment.