Gullible Australian Ruling Class Creates Energy Crisis

Gullible Australian Ruling Class Creates Energy Crisis. By Chris Kenny.

Science denial is rampant in the climate and energy debate. And the consequences are there to see in the here and now, in higher electricity prices and energy insecurity so acute that governments are warning people to refrain from using power.

What is happening in our national electricity market is a national disgrace. The only reason we are not seeing a vicious reckoning in our political debate is because all the major political stakeholders are complicit in this reckless abandonment of responsibility, and most of the media is in on the ruse.

For our political/media class to grasp the gravity of the crisis and implement the necessary solutions would require them to confess their culpability. They prefer pretense, so that although the source of the crisis is the headlong rush to promote and subsidise renewable energy to squeeze out coal and gas-fired generation, their proposed remedy is to encourage more renewables. …

This was predictable. They have been warned. They have seen real-life examples unfold before their eyes. But they cultivate delusion.

And they are doubling down now, with a rush to renewables by 2030:

These people believe in nothing except politicking and chasing the adulation of green-left media, Twitter and the woke corporate set. They forget that electricity is not only fundamental to the functioning of a developed nation but is immune to the vagaries of politics, abiding instead by the rules of physics and practical constraints of real-world supply and demand. …

It is astonishing that anyone believes a word these politicians say as they bang on about renewable energy delivering a jobs bonanza with cheap and plentiful energy.

Never mind that this has not been delivered in any comparable setting. The media offers mainly adulation; on climate and energy, sanctimony trumps scepticism.

Many of us have been warning about this folly for a decade or more. In 2016 I wrote about how in my old home state of South Australia, the only two coal-fired plants had been demolished and some gas generators had been mothballed too. The state government boasted about leading the nation in wind generation but it was clear to me that SA was “the canary in the coalmine or, more to the point, the canary without a coalmine” as I pointed out that if the “wind doesn’t blow or the interconnector (to Victorian coal-fired power) is broken” the state would be stuck.

Less than two months later the interconnector shorted out when a storm shut down some wind farms and blew over a transmission line. Without any available dispatchable generation, the state suffered its first statewide blackout, which lasted for days in some towns and inflicted more than $300m in damages and forced the government to spend $500m on diesel-powered generators to back-up their renewables nirvana.

That was the hard experience from the vanguard state of renewable energy. But the political/media class around the country ignored the facts and pretended the problem was the storm. …

This is what a clean, green transition looks like. It is not clean, or green, or remotely consistent, honest or reliable.

To keep our electricity grid functioning, we were told this week to refrain from using it. That is the absurdity of our climate and energy effort. We have deliberately vandalised one of our greatest economic advantages. We have turned an energy-rich nation, blessed with abundant and affordable power, into an energy-poor nation where even high prices do not guarantee supply. …

The facts about net zero are obvious and incontestable, according to science. To start, net zero is inevitable, eventually, but as the International Energy Agency has made clear, it is not achievable on current technology without a heavy reliance on nuclear energy. …

When Bowen and Anthony Albanese signed a letter to the UN, promising to increase the nation’s 2030 emission reduction target from 26 per cent to 43 per cent, they might have signed their political death warrant. In the middle of an energy crisis, they ignored the impact of electricity bills on household budgets and the broader economic harm, choosing instead to doff their caps to the UN.

Could the global bureaucracy, who hires all the climate scientists, be deceiving us about the warming powers of C02?

Could space weather have anything to do with the observed warming of the last few decades?

Correct sizes, positions changed

There’s a nuclear fusion reactor in the neighborhood that weighs 300,000 times more than Earth. It surrounds us with changing magnetic and electric fields, while it rains down charged particles. Some years the Sun throws ten times as much extreme-UV our way as it does in other years. The constant wind of charged particles blows at a million miles an hour — the flow waves and wiggles, shifting direction. The speed of the solar wind correlates with sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic. The solar magnetic field reaches right to the edge of the solar system, but despite that size, it turns itself completely upside down every 11 years. Reconnecting magnetic field lines cause explosions in space, and we have barely started to collect data on this. During the sunspot cycle the sun changes “color,” though the changes are invisible to us. The spectrum rolls from more UV to more infrared, and each type of light has different effects. Unlike infrared, UV transforms oxygen into highly reactive ozone, which creates warming in certain zones. Sometimes these zones are high over the poles, sometimes more over the equator. Where they are impacts the height of the tropopause, which in turn squeezes on the high-altitude jet streams — sending them wiggling in a more north-south orientation, or straightening out to be more east-west. Jostling torrents in the jet streams rubbing up against each other causes clouds, which reflect incoming sunlight back out to space before it can heat the Earth. UV also reaches further into the oceans where it affects plankton, which produce between 50% and 85% of the world’s oxygen. Plankton in turn produce gases that seed denser clouds. Cosmic rays also appear to seed clouds, and their path through our atmosphere is affected by the solar magnetic field.

How could the Sun not have some effect on the Earth’s climate, apart from the obvious direct warming?