Dream on, Normie.

Dream on, Normie. By the Z-Man.

About 20% of white people in America self-identify as left-wing, liberal or Progressive. This has held up over generations. It is this group that is responsible of 100% of the stress in society. They are always behind whatever is causing cultural chaos. …

Think about it. If we rounded up these people and shipped them to Africa, even on a one-for-one swap, America would look like Switzerland. The remaining white people would junk all of the nutty cultural rules. Politically, the center would move so far to the right that Ted Cruz would be the Bernie Sanders of Congress. America’s crime problem would be solved with free associations and healthy intolerance. The mass media would shrivel up to a local news service.

Granted, some people would wriggle through the net. No doubt this mind virus would find some new hosts in the remnant population. Nothing is perfect but if the manifestations of this disease come to be treated like leprosy, the new hosts would simply be deported as soon as they reveal themselves. A society organized around opposition to post-Marx culturalism would not be perfect, but it would be stable and as a result, able to defend itself from this plague. …

Of course, the first step in such a scheme is getting the 80% or at least a critical mass of them, to accept that there can be no compromise with the 20%ers. For reasons that are no longer worth exploring, these people are beyond the reach of reason so there is no point in trying to reason with them. They are simply a menace to society that must be removed in order to save the whole.

While there are strong incentives of power and material goods for people to behave like unreasonable parasites, some will.