The European Bureaucracy: Still Undermining Democracy in the UK

The European Bureaucracy: Still Undermining Democracy in the UK. By The Conversation. The UK disobeyed the narrative and was overruled by a European Court. Huh???

A flight chartered to send asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda as part of a new government policy was grounded following an intervention by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The plan to deport asylum seekers for processing in Rwanda is intended, the government says, to deter people from making the dangerous journey across the Channel to the UK.

Brendan O’Neill:

This is about democracy now. Nothing else. Forget the rights and wrongs of the Rwanda policy — we can discuss those another time. …

For now, only one issue matters: who governs this country? Is it me and you and the people we elect into power? Or is it judges in Strasbourg none of us can name, far less cast a ballot for? The deeply disturbing events of last night — where a foreign court helped to block Britain’s democratically elected government from enacting a policy decision — suggest it’s the latter. …

What is the point of democracy? What is the point of us going into the voting booth every four years to decide who should run the country if the ECHR can just strike down decisions taken by our elected representatives? … This ruling is an insult to you, whether you agree or disagree with the Rwanda policy, because it confirms that there is a higher authority than the people’s judgement.

It demotes the demos; it makes a mockery of our democratic rights that our ancestors fought so hard to secure.

The woke don’t like democracy any more, they just want power:

Entirely unsurprisingly, the woke set is loudly cheering the ECHR’s actions. These people are a menace to democracy. So intense is their hatred for the Tories, and so deep is their distrust of the people of Britain, that they now place more faith in the unaccountable machinations of faraway courts than they do in our own democratic process. …

They know that their ideologies are unpopular among vast swathes of the population, and that we are unlikely to put them into power anytime soon. And so they turn to unaccountable power to do their dirty work for them, to tear down democratically made policies they don’t like. It is an incredibly cynical and classist form of political activism. These elites have no idea how much anger their slippery efforts to stifle democracy are causing across the country.

Democracy has evolved into rule by a global elite who run the western deep states and increasingly just ignore the voters and their wishes. Power is what you can get away with, what other people will accept.