Australia: Whether you can use your dishwasher depends on the wind

Australia: Whether you can use your dishwasher depends on the wind. By Joanne Nova.

For energy-nerds following the Australian experiment, today is a big day. On the up-side, three coal turbines have rebooted adding another 1,200MW to the grid. On the down-side, the wind has slowed and 3,000MW has disappeared. …

Here is the [high pressure] cell that stops a million dishwashers:

There’s little wind under a high pressure cell. See how it stops wind right across Australia, all at once?

Ninety percent of Australians are being asked to be careful with their electricity today while we wait for the wind to start blowing again or the weather to warm up.

And millions of dollars are being burned in electricity bills (assuming people have electricity) because we shut down too many brown coal plants and didn’t maintain any of the coal fleet as if our quality of life depended on it.

Cold? There is currently record cold in eastern Australia — anything to do with the global cooling that started in 2016, perhaps?

Ideological madness. Shame they didn’t spend a little time doing some due diligence on the carbon dioxide theory of global warming, instead of just believing the global bureaucracy. They wouldn’t deceive, would they?