Only a right-wing counter-elite can challenge our current managerial masters

Only a right-wing counter-elite can challenge our current managerial masters. By Jeremy Carl.

In most of the key institutions of our society, the right is almost non-existent. …

At Harvard, 99 percent of student donation money also went to Biden. In technology, the industry at the commanding heights of our current culture, 98 percent of corporate donations went to Democrats. In government, Joe Biden took 92 percent of the vote in the city of Washington, D.C. itself … . Only approximately 5 percent of senior civil servants are conservative Republicans. It is the same story in Hollywood, where 99.7 percent of the donations of the top Hollywood power players went to Democrats.

Elites run the country, but which elite?

James Burnham argued in his influential 1941 book The Managerial Revolution that in the future post-industrial world, a managerial class would control the commanding heights of economy and society, displacing the previous ruling class of petit bourgeois capitalists. His vision has been vindicated. How can we initiate a counter-revolution against the managerial class?

The first step in a right-wing counter-revolution is accepting the low place we currently occupy in America’s power hierarchy. We must understand ourselves as a fundamentally dissident movement seeking to supplant much of the existing managerial order. …

Burnham understood that in the modern managerial society, the managerial elite could only be displaced by a counter-elite, one comparable in talents and abilities to the current elite, but whose interests were not being served by the current regime….

How about white men?

Where might we find counter-elite today? By far the richest prize to win from the Democrats, because of the demographic’s size, its current institutional power outside of politics, and its alienation from Democratic Party power centers, is white men. …

Much of the GOP’s problem has been that its white-male leadership has been too cowardly to advance the legitimate interests of white voters. Rather, the GOP needs more leaders, of all demographics, who will fight unapologetically for the just interests and civil rights of white voters, willing to contrast their efforts to the Democrats’ racial vilification of white voters. …

It can appeal to elite white men by showing them that the Democrats’ class and cultural claims on them are swamped by the overwhelming racial discrimination they suffer under the Democratic regime. … Other than the addled figurehead of Biden himself, white men are increasingly absent in elite Democratic politics. Incredibly, none of Biden’s 25 cabinet members are white Americans of Protestant background. … Just 27 percent of Biden’s judiciary picks have been white … Just two of Biden’s first 41 judicial picks were white men …

Why the right must go white:

Elite white voters who support the Democrats are supporting a party that rhetorically despises them and works against their fundamental material interests. Contrast the treatment of white men within the Democratic Party to the status of white American men outside of Democratic Party politics. This is not a stable equilibrium.

Even today, white men make up more than 85 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. At approximately 60 percent of the population, white Americans hold 86 percent of the household wealth. Some 90 percent of published American authors are white, a number that perfectly matches their percentage of best-sellers last year, and overall, a substantial majority of these authors are white men.

Looking at successful “unicorn” startups, among those that achieve more than $1 billion market value as private companies, 77 percent of the founders were white. And, as a recently complied list of the 40 best (highest-return) venture capital investments of all time showed, of the 43 U.S.-based founders, 39 were white men. A party that relentlessly marginalizes a successful and numerous group should not long be able to remain in power, as long as that group is offered an attractive alternative. The GOP must create this alternative.

The white working class is a declining social and political force. The minority working classes, while rising in numbers and needed as an important part of the right’s electoral coalition, still have even less cultural and political clout. While the GOP should certainly seek their votes and advocate for their interests, winning those votes will only provide a possible path to office, not a path to attaining culture-shaping power, for which winning elections is useful but insufficient. The managerial class has ruled America for decades, whether their representatives were in or out of office.

Only a counter-elite can challenge our current managerial masters, and it is to the unashamed development and cultivation of that counter-elite, particularly among white voters excoriated by the Democratic regime, that the right must devote the lion’s share of its political energies.

No wonder the left freak out about “white supremacy”. It’s their Achilles’ heel, their bogeyman. They know that a pro-white movement (or at least, a not-anti-white party that isn’t afraid to point out that white lives matter) will sweep the field, putting the left out of power in western countries. If only the left can somehow make those countries non-white before that happens. Hmmm.