Long covid: At last, proper victimhood status for liberal white women!

Long covid: At last, proper victimhood status for liberal white women! By David Cole.

You didn’t think you could just walk away from Covid hysteria, did you? You didn’t think it would just end, right? In fact, “Phase II” is about to begin. And I’m not talking about more masks ’n’ jabs. I’m talking about a new iteration, a mutation. Not a viral one, but a metamorphosis in terms of what Covid represents to the left.

A transition from disease to identity. …

Victims have a higher status on the left, which has made life tough for white women:

“Trauma by word” has often been the college-educated white liberal woman’s way to get in on the victimhood action. But the tide seems to be turning against people who hear a joke and declare, “Verily, I am slain.” As recent Netflix specials by Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, and Norm Macdonald have failed to produce a trail of bodies in their wake, it’s growing increasingly harder to claim homicide at the hands of humor. …

A decline in sympathy for those R.I.P.’d by LOLs will hit white women hard. Blacks and trannies are automatic victims based purely on identity, the “burden” of being who they are. A black can “literally die” via inherited historical trauma. A tranny can be “totally murdered” by a 1990s biology book. But white women need a partner, a white man, a heavy, a heel cast as victimizer.

The ultimate ignominy: The type of woman most likely to declare “I don’t need a man” ends up totally needing a man to compete in the victimhood sack-race. Sure, white women can claim to be trannies (as Abigail Shrier points out, tranny-mania has especially caught fire among impressionable young girls), but that requires commitment to the bit, like alteration of physical appearance. Black women don’t have to lop off their boobs to be special; they’re “brave and stunning” as-is. …

But long covid can provide victim status!!!

So that’s where Covid comes in. …

June 6, there was WaPo with a front-page piece about how long Covid is the next “victim cred” identity vehicle. Long Covid is “a mass-disabling event that experts liken to HIV, polio or World War II,” an “entirely new identity” for the “newly-disabled” (they call themselves “Covid long-haulers”) who are banding together to seek “justice” and “confront structural inequalities.”

According to Rebecca Cokley of the Ford Foundation’s Disability Rights program, the fact that long Covid allows its “sufferers” to be on the same level as “children in Flint and black women with alopecia” is “one of the things that’s so beautiful about disability.”

The Post gleefully describes how “liberal think tanks” are feverishly working toward making “long-haulers” a protected victim group in the same class as blacks and LGBTs.

Lisa McCorkell, a “long-hauler” activist, told the Post that when long Covid rendered her bedridden, it was “empowering.” McCorkell, a white woman, added that now she has “remarkable access to people and power that others have struggled to get for a long time.” …

At last, proper victim status, federal money, and “hate speech” protection:

Being killed by jokes is on the way out. Long Covid is the new white-woman path to victimhood. And, unlike death by humor, long Covid will, according to President Biden, soon be a federally recognized disability.

In other words, while we can ridicule people who claim jokes murdered them, laughing at or in any way denying the reality of long Covid will be an ADA violation and hate crime.

Best part is, college-educated white women can keep their titties! All they have to claim is (pick one) brain fog, fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety, lack of concentration, or malaise. And white guys can get in on the fun too! …

So, you have a “disease” that you can’t test for, has no biomarkers or footprint, can crop up years after a Covid infection, can exist in people who never had Covid, and seems to be most prevalent in women with preexisting anxiety disorders.

And the “afflicted” are demanding “protected group” entitlements. But how will that work, if the “disease” has no basis other than self-reporting?

Well, it’ll work like trannyism. The reality of something with no scientific basis will be enforced through government edict and the smearing of dissenters.

The European Respiratory Society has already declared it “sexist” to mention the prevalence of long Covid among women. Indeed, merely citing those stats “could impact the healthcare and working rights for female patients with long COVID.”

Question long Covid and women die!

You know it makes sense.