Weimar West

Weimar West. By Rod Dreher.

This is the elite governing class of the West, scampering behind a tranny hooker, or pro-hooker tranny. The male-to-female topless transsexual twerker is carrying a sign advertising “SEX WORK” …

I swear, it’s like the Weimar Republic, without the good art and music. You’re not supposed to notice this decadence, unless it is to praise it.

This kind of thing was always part of Pride parades. I remember seeing footage of Pride parades in Washington DC in the early 1990s. I believe it was Pat Robertson’s CBN that recorded footage of the parade and aired parts of it. They were condemned as bigots at the time, simply for broadcasting what actually happened at DC Pride. What has changed is that this kind of thing — the kink — has been embraced and celebrated by the globalist ruling class.

Something big is happening to us. Something very big.

A reader writes that Pride month is celebrated with all the fervor of the high holy days precisely because it has been so effectively commercialized and fits extremely nicely into the Western model of creating a completely atomized society where everyone exists alone and without any support. Those who play by the rules get customized soma products, whereas those who do not end like Winston Smith. This is being heavily driven by commercial forces that discovered in the 1990s that gays and their activist allies are the easiest consumers who will buy anything with the Pride label. Now that accusations of homophobia will silence the overwhelming majority of middle and upper class normies, there is no reason not to pursue this strategy.

Monkeypox and AIDS:

Meanwhile, another terrible disease rages, but AVOIDING HATE is the most important thing, according to the Washington Post:

Monkeypox had arrived in Salt Lake County, with two men testing positive after returning from Europe, the epicenter of a global outbreak concentrated in gay and bisexual men.

Officials there faced a dilemma. They wanted to warn men who have sex with men that they were at higher risk for exposure to the virus. But they feared unintended consequences: heterosexual people assuming they’re not susceptible, closeted men in a heavily Mormon community avoiding care so they’re not seen as gay, and critics exploiting the infections to sow bigotry. …

I’m old enough to remember when AIDS debuted in the West. We were all told that anybody could get it. Anybody! In fact, my journalism career started with an editorial in the campus newspaper — an editorial that won a national college journalism award — about how all of us were vulnerable to AIDS.

Not long ago a straight friend a bit younger than me told me, laughing, about how back in the day, he had unprotected heterosexual sex, and scared that he might have been exposed to HIV, went for a test. He said the health workers laughed at him in a friendly way, and told him that the odds of catching HIV from conventional (e.g., non-anal) heterosexual sex were tiny. The health warnings were all propaganda to keep people from hating promiscuous gay men.

Lies, lies, lies. Our ruling class demands that we all deny the evidence of our eyes. …

It’s not sustainable:

History shows that what comes after this efflorescence of decadence is horrible. Either the West will step back from the brink, or we will face something worse than most of us living in the West today have ever seen.

We are not going to be able to go on like this indefinitely.

hat-tip Stephen Neil