The Great Replacement Now Drives American Political Discourse

The Great Replacement Now Drives American Political Discourse. By Washington Watcher II.

House Democrats condemned the Great Replacement this week. No, not the immigration policies that are leading to the dispossession of the Historic American Nation. Instead, they just denounced those who have noticed what’s going on. Every Republican voted against resolution, but only two Democrats (Maine Rep. Jared Golden and Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin).

It claimed the Great Replacement “has been used to falsely justify racially motivated, violent acts of terrorism domestically and internationally” and committed Congress to “combating White supremacy, hatred, and racial injustice.” “The Great Replacement myth is a racist, antisemitic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, nativist and hateful lie,” said New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, right, the resolution’s sponsor …

But the condemnation can’t suppress the truth. It’s just more evidence that the Great Replacement now drives the political discourse in America — and Democrats can only look on in shock. …

Tucker Carlson is certainly responsible for waking up millions of Americans to this civilizational problem.

And concern over the Great Replacement is now shared by a majority of Republicans. … Three new polls show the widespread belief in this obvious fact. …

It’s clear the Republican base is gravely concerned about being replaced. They know it threatens their way of life and their values. They know it will lead to more conflict among the races and weaken America. This is no longer a “fringe” idea.

As I highlighted last month, more and more Republican leaders are also Noticing the Great Replacement. From Elise Stefanik to Blake Masters, serious GOP lawmakers or candidates are speaking out about how Democrats want to replace Americans with foreigners. And some of these candidates are starting to notice other racial problems. …

Democrats are very worried that the American people are becoming aware of their dispossession. But instead of doing anything to address the causes of dispossession, they’re utilizing state power to crack down on those who dare mention it.

The Associated Press reported last week that federal officials are directing more resources to monitoring social media for alleged “white nationalist” threats. The AP claims “white supremacists are riling up thousands on social media.” Free speech is not a crime — yet — but the Regime Media and left-wing bureaucrats behave as if it is:

White nationalists and supremacists, on accounts often run by young men, are building thriving, macho communities across social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram and TikTok, evading detection with coded hashtags and innuendo.

Their snarky memes and trendy videos are riling up thousands of followers on divisive issues including abortion, guns, immigration and LGBTQ rights. The Department of Homeland Security warned Tuesday that such skewed framing of the subjects could drive extremists to violently attack public places across the U.S. in the coming months.

They signal their beliefs in other ways: a Christian cross emoji in their profile or words like “anglo” or “pilled,” a term embraced by far-right chatrooms, in usernames. Most recently, some of these accounts have borrowed the pop song “White Boy Summer” to cheer on the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade, according to an analysis by Zignal Labs, a social media intelligence firm.

This extremely mild behavior apparently requires the primary attention of Homeland Security and the FBI. The collapse of the southern border is just not as important as alleged racists talking about “White Boy Summer” on Telegram.

There’s also DHS’s infamous Disinformation Governance Board. This project, which has since gotten a new leader in former Bush official Michael Chertoff, is dedicated entirely to monitoring right-wing speech on the internet. Leaked documents reveal that the board was particularly concerned with “falsehoods surrounding U.S. government immigration policy.” Translation: any information that discredits Open Borders or points out the reality of the Great Replacement.

The left have been boasting that they are the demographic future for decades now, so they can hardly deny they’re doing it on purpose.