The character and culture of America have become more like the Third World

The character and culture of America have become more like the Third World. By Matthew Boose.

America is one of the most welcoming nations on the planet, but you would never know it listening to our mass media. An unceasing avalanche of contempt for Americans and their “racist” and “backward” ways flows from the mouths of liberal talking heads on cable news. It is particularly maddening to listen to this talk from recently arrived immigrants in positions of power and influence. …

We have heard an awful lot of unsolicited complaining from these people — who probably would not be here if not for the 1965 Hart-Celler Act that opened the nation up to millions of Third World immigrants and their descendants — about everything they think needs to be changed in the country that generously gave them and their families a new home. …

New York Times contributor and first-generation American Wajahat Ali, who is of Pakistani descent, wonders in a recent article whether the time has come for him to flee the United States. … America, he writes, has become too hostile to nonwhites and Muslims like him. (Pakistanis are among the wealthiest ethnic groups in America. Another example of white supremacy in action!)

Ali proffers a laundry list of banal grievances about guns, “mass incarceration,” QAnon, “white supremacy,” the “Big Lie,” and of course, the Great Replacement “conspiracy theory.” Blah, blah, blah. America is “number one in all the wrong categories,” he writes. “Our democracy” is under threat by uppity conservative white people who rejected the “free and fair” 2020 election.

“It’s pretty clear that this country and its democracy aren’t trending in the right direction,” Ali concludes.

Ali lays it on thick. “It’s tough to love a country that doesn’t love you back, and even tougher to fight for it as it’s trying to kill you,” he writes. Surveying his escape options, New Zealand catches his eye: they take gun violence seriously there and there are “a lot of halal options.” …

It’s clear that he doesn’t actually like America all that much. Like many of the same stripe, he has an idea of what America should be. He just doesn’t like America as it really is. The free republic of our founders, or what is left of it, offends and repels him. Until 1965, America was not even a legitimate nation: it “has always been a land of violence, hypocrisy, and contradictions,” but starting about 60 years ago, “it’s also been a country that has often slowly and painfully trudged forward towards progress.” …

Those who abhor the folkways and values of the United States are free to leave at any time. They are not being held against their will. They can always find some other place to call home that is more suitable to their political and racial preferences. This is one luxury that most native-born Americans do not have. If things go south, they have nowhere else to run. It is they who are being displaced, who have had their nation transformed without their consent and who are mocked over this fact on a daily basis by the likes of Wajahat Ali.

If anyone should be angry, it is they, not ungrateful interlopers who are just now finding that they don’t want to live here. And let’s be honest, we know they’re bluffing. We know because on most days, Hart-Celler Americans with MSNBC jobs can be found gloating about the “Great Replacement conspiracy theory.” They know which way the country is shifting. They could at least be polite about taking possession of the land others have called home for generations.

But why should they be, when our country treats them like nobility? Our founders abolished the privileges of European aristocracy when they established a free and equal democracy, but America today is becoming more like an Old World caste society: every day, the media, politicians, entertainers, and innumerable ordinary “folx” under the boot of a repressive woke culture bow and scrape to flatter “people of color” and prop up their self-esteem.

But this compulsory ritual humiliation is not enough to satisfy the Navarros, Alis, and Hasans of the world. America is still too “racist,” which is to say too white, for their liking. There are too many guns floating around in the hands of law-abiding Republican voters. There is still too much freedom to spread “hate speech” on social media. There isn’t enough centralized control. MSNBC contributors ranting about “disinformation” don’t get enough sway over the public square. There are still too many maskless faces and unvaxxed bodies, too many blue-collar white guys in gas guzzlers on the highways.

America is still too American.

Many recent arrivals come with an expectation that their new home will become more like their old home, and they make little effort to help maintain the things that made their new home a great and prosperous nation. The overwhelming majority of Hispanic and Asian voters support the policies of the Democratic Party, which more and more resemble those of a Third World dictatorship: mass censorship, rigged elections, ethnic patronage, using the justice system for retribution, and disarming the population.

Demographics is destiny. But who voted for the change in demographics? Who voted to be displaced?