Top Gun Maverick: Hollywood abandons ‘Woke’ and the CCP

Top Gun Maverick: Hollywood abandons ‘Woke’ and the CCP. By Lincoln Brown.

Is the cultural tide turning?

Viewers are cancelling their subscriptions to these platforms. They’ve had enough. No self-respecting individual wants to be preached at because of their ‘white privilege’ or heterosexuality when they watch an action movie. Decent parents don’t want their children exposed to pernicious or radical adult concepts in Disney films. …

Top Gun: Maverick proves that the old formula for American action movies still works fine.

Admittedly, when I first heard they were making a Top Gun sequel, I dreaded the thought of it. I imagined a group of unattractive millennial pilots moaning about America’s history of racism, as though the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement never took place, and celebrating their diverse sexuality and genders as they fly F-18s in the name of ‘equality’ with rainbow flag patches on their uniforms.

No woke teachiness:

Mercifully, that doesn’t happen in Top Gun: Maverick. There isn’t a hint of Wokeness in this movie. It’s a refreshing and welcome relief from the ideological propaganda that permeates modern Hollywood.

Fifteen years ago, Top Gun: Maverick wouldn’t have been considered particularly noteworthy and, in a way, it isn’t. It’s a formulaic action film in which the character arcs are predictable and the dialogue rather bland. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell is repeatedly told by his superiors that he’s too reckless and therefore ‘grounded’, only to be immediately promoted because he’s the best guy the Navy has. His initial task is to teach a bunch of ambitious, good-looking young pilots how to undertake an impossible mission, which he ends up leading himself because he’s so awesome. It’s cliche, but sometimes cliche is good.

The Top Gun sequel stands apart from a lot of what Hollywood releases these days because it’s a classic, exciting American movie, and a reminder that movies are meant to be enjoyed. These days, it’s easy to forget that movies are supposed to be fun, and that’s what this movie is. Because it’s fun, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s an antidote to the Woke, nihilistic garbage that Hollywood often produces. This is likely why it’s been so successful. …

There are themes of fatherhood and courage, and Tom Cruise gets the (older, but not bad-looking) girl at the end, who practically does nothing the entire film except be attractive to Maverick. At no point does anyone berate Pete Mitchell for being a white male who isn’t aware of his privilege. Superb. …

No kowtowing to the CCP:

Remember John Cena’s apology for referring to Taiwan as a country while promoting the latest Fast and Furious instalment? The CCP scrutinise the whole film-making process, from production to distribution, ensuring that nothing that undermines the party’s propaganda makes it onto Chinese screens.

Initially, it appeared that the new Top Gun would be no different. When the first trailer for Maverick was released, Pete Mitchell’s bomber jacket from the original film had been altered so as not to have Pete’s patches depicting the Taiwanese and Japanese flags. Hollywood had kowtowed to the communists again. However, the final product sees these patches back on Maverick’s jacket, and the film remains unreleased in China. There is speculation that this may be the result of a Chinese film production company pulling out of financing the film’s distribution. Whatever the reason, the film is a hit, and it succeeded without bending the knee to the CCP.

Original Top Gun Patch (since restored) and CCP-approved Top Gun Patch (since binned)