Why The Left Can Believe Contradictory Things About The Great Replacement

Why The Left Can Believe Contradictory Things About The Great Replacement. By Edward Dutton.

I am often asked how it is that Woke propagandists and politicians can assert that the white proportion of traditionally white countries is declining and that this is an excellent thing and yet simultaneously claim that noting this is happening is a “conspiracy theory” and an outrageous lie.

These views are contradictory; they are impossible. But the Woke can do this very easily; it is the essence of Leftist mind.

The great Victorian mathematician and logician Lewis Carroll described the problem in Through the Looking Glass. The naïve Alice finds herself perplexed by the White Queen, who is able to believe contradictory propositions.

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “One can’t believe impossible things.’

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

But perhaps it is the White Queen’s very ability to believe “impossible things” that has allowed her to become queen; to become the most powerful piece on the chess board. If power matters to you more than truth, then you will find ways to believe “impossible things.” And power is all that matters to the Woke.

Liberals and conservatives have different personality types:

Compared to Liberals, Conservatives are high in Agreeableness (and good people tend to be honest), rule-following (rule-followers are generally honest) and low in “Neuroticism.” This term refers to “mental instability” and includes traits such as social anxiety, envy, resentment, and a strong desire to control a seemingly unstable, dangerous and unfair world …

Liberals are also very strongly motivated by individual status … Liberals are power-hungry, selfish people. They “virtue-signal” about the “marginalized” partly because this gives them influence over Conservatives, who are also concerned about individualizing foundations (though to a lesser extent) and, thus, will cede ground to Liberals. And Liberals also virtue-signal because, being mentally unstable, they tend to have low esteem.

Thus, ironically, those who wax lyrical the most about “equality,” “kindness” and “the good of the group” are likely to be the least genuinely concerned with it. Doing so is a means of gaining status within the group by appealing to the genuinely group-oriented. These genuinely group-oriented types would simply make sacrifices for the group, without going on about it and drawing attention to themselves.

Consistent with this, where Conservatives identify with those that are relatively genetically close to them — family, kin, class, ethnic group, race — Liberals identify with those who are more genetically distant …. Bluntly, Liberals are born traitors: programmed to collaborate with outsiders to further their own individual interests.

Not only that, but Liberalism is associated with the Dark Triad traits of Machiavellianism (being power-hungry) and Narcissism (believing one is important and seeking admiration) …. For such people, “truth” is not inherently sacred. There are some things that are much more important than “truth,” such as “power,” “status” and “admiration.” …

Hence the woke attitude of the Great Replacement:

A Woke person will state that the white proportion of the population is declining and that this is a positive thing, because this is virtue-signalling their loyalty to and concern for the marginalized and their lack of loyalty to the in-group (and thus lack of “racism”). This gives them Narcissistic supply in the form of admiration and is a means of competitively, though covertly, playing for status via signalling their loyalty to The Current Thing.

However, when Conservatives make the same assertion … this is dangerous. The unstable world, about which the Woke person is already paranoid, could become even more unstable. Conservatives might be incited to take power back from the Woke, destroying the system in which the Woke person’s power, status and sense of self is invested. After all, Wokesters have dealt with their insecurities by telling themselves that Liberalism is morally good, and they are the most morally good of all because they are extremely Liberal.

Thus, the Conservative must be stopped from raising these threatening issues. His comments are a “conspiracy theory” — which is increasingly an emotive bludgeon word that means “an uncomfortable but factually accurate revelation that something is occurring.” They are “dangerous” or “offensive.”

In addition, the Conservative is saying that the “Great Replacement” is a bad thing. He is highlighting unpleasant dimensions and the Woke person knows that the Conservative is right. Thus, he is causing “cognitive dissonance.” He is presenting Wokesters with the fact that they are vulnerable Narcissists who don’t really feel what they claim to feel. He is presenting them with what they are: shallow, deeply insecure, unhappy hypocrites. Thus he needs to be made to shut up and go away.

So there. Science.