NZ Government Entrenching Racial Privileges for an Inherited Tribal Elite

NZ Government Entrenching Racial Privileges for an Inherited Tribal Elite. By Muriel Newman.

New Zealanders from all sides of the political spectrum have been horrified to find Jacinda Ardern … is forcing tribal rule onto our country, with virtually no openness nor transparency.

The path to tribal rule started with the public being blanketed with Maori language and culture, state employees being forced to undergo Treaty “retraining”, and media tapping into the government’s Public Interest Journalism Fund being required to promote Treaty propaganda.

However, things have taken a more sinister turn over recent months, with our Prime Minister now privatising — under the banner of 50:50 “co-governance” — essential services, including health care and water services, to the tribal elite — the iwi who run multi-million-dollar business development corporations.

As Victoria University’s Dr Bryce Edwards explains: “The co-governance model is a form of privatisation. The new companies will be half controlled by private organisations — iwi, which are increasingly highly corporate in their business operations.”

It is a scandalous situation — as Auckland University’s Professor Elizabeth Rata explains in an article in The Australian: “New Zealand’s constitution is currently undergoing a major heart and lung transplant via co-governance arrangements between Maori corporate tribes and the government … the Labour government is determined to embed racialised policies across a swathe of the nation’s laws and institutions.

Professor Rata describes those pushing this tribal takeover as “radical intellectuals of the corporate tribes”, ably assisted by “social justice warriors armed with an unassailable moral righteousness”.

The national Maori flag

Those “social justice warriors” in our universities, government agencies, and the media are spreading the disinformation that underpins Jacinda Ardern’s tribal rule agenda — namely that the authority for co-governance comes from a Treaty ‘partnership’ between Maori and the Crown. … Former Judge and Law Lecturer Anthony Willy has examined the case, and, by exposing the ‘partnership’ claim as a gross fabrication …

By using the Treaty ‘partnership’ deception to justify giving control of essential services to the Maori elite, Jacinda Ardern is robbing New Zealanders of crucial democratic safeguards, placing them instead at the mercy of unelected and unaccountable iwi business leaders working in their own best interests, not in the public good.

But why? Follow the money, follow the votes:

The reality is that once co-governance is put in place, the opportunities for tribal enrichment will be endless, with contracts, fees, and other mechanisms able to be used to secure taxpayer funding. …

Jacinda Ardern’s path to co-governance is already proving to be a recipe for Maori privilege by an inherited elite that will divide and weaken our society. Their end goal, of course — as outlined in He Puapua — is to ‘take the country back’ to tribal rule by 2040.

And the beneficiaries of this racist system will vote left in perpetuity, or so the SJWs think now.

Yes, racism is alive and well and thriving in our neighbor, under young left wing firebrand and WEF student Jacinta Ardern.

hat-tip Stephen Neil