Australia: Labor Wants Aboriginal Languages Taught In All Schools

Australia: Labor Wants Aboriginal Languages Taught In All Schools. By Prepper Anon.

Our eldest boy turns seven next week. … He’s been in the schooling system now for a year and a half, interrupted by the government imprisonment during the COVID biological attack. Like many Aussie families, it gave us a good opportunity to peer over the classroom walls and see what really goes on.

He’s blessed with a very good teacher this year. She’s got solid traditional Catholic values and high standards. None of the identity communism and gender favouritism that’s too common in classrooms today.

After a year and a half, however, and despite having the best teacher he could ask for in the current climate, he has not been taught one single fact since he started.

He knows all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. He knows that we have to be especially nice when talking about anything Aboriginal because they’re especially special people. He knows that he must always and everywhere be absolutely tolerant of others and celebrate their choices regardless of whether those choices are in their best interests or not.

But not one single fact. The names of the oceans? Nope. The continents? Nup. The major historical periods? No. The biological kingdoms? States of matter? Verb tenses? The Transatlantic Slave Trade and who owned the ships?


Not one fact. Of course, we knew this would be the case so we make up for it at home. Some outstanding work has been done in the area of homeschooling in recent years, and we’ve taken the time to fill our boys’ heads with as many facts as we can during these early, formative years. Later on, this will lead into logic (reasoning using factual information) and rhetoric (the application of that logical information for useful purposes).

Western education has been systematically degraded for over a century now. The super-wealthy ruling elite of the West have funded intellectuals and academics who stripped education of its focus on knowledge and character development and replaced it with the rote learning of basic skills they see as necessary for the economy.

This vandalism of education has spread globally through the UN bodies related to education, and is directly responsible for the dumbification of the West and the inhumane exploitation visible in Asian education systems. It’s all been engineered to benefit the billionaire class, and who cares if it dehumanises the people? They’re just cattle anyway. …

Aboriginal language training for all?

Now that the teal-Labor regime is installed in Canberra, we can expect this agenda to go into overdrive.

And sure enough, before being demoted from the Education Shadow Ministry, workplace bully Tanya Plibersek committed $14 million of your tax money to install full-time Aboriginal language teachers in 60 primary schools.

This will just be the foot in the door, of course. Should the identity Marxist revolution not be stopped, we can expect to see mastery of an Aboriginal language as a requirement to become an Air Force fighter pilot or a neurosurgeon one day.

State-funded propaganda outlet the ABC has been on a blitz about Aboriginal content in classrooms since the election campaign. So has state-funded propaganda outlet The Conversation, a blog for academics to publish neo-Marxist content that’s not paywalled in academic journals.

In a blog post entitled ‘Stop measuring black kids with a white stick’: How to make school assessments fairer for all, a coven of academics from the Curtin University Faculty of Education argue that Australian schooling is racist because it’s done in English, relies on the ability to write and is grounded in the systemic racism of ‘whiteness’. …

These are the people teaching the teachers these days. They have tenure and six-figure salaries. They come up with fake words like ‘translanguaging’ and think it shows they’re smart.

It doesn’t bother them at all that half of Aboriginal adults are pretty much illiterate. Even saying such a thing is racist.

The problem isn’t that Aboriginal content is being introduced per se. Indigenous kids in remote communities have a cultural identity that is different to mainstream Australia. This deserves to be recognised and accommodated.

Integrating local Indigenous languages into schooling in Indigenous areas in culturally relevant and rigorous ways would be a worthwhile thing. Aboriginal children deserve to be as proud of their ancestry as everybody else. Just like Anglos.

This won’t happen, though. Instead unqualified people will get jobs they don’t deserve pretending to impart timeless wisdom and all kids will pick up is the attitude that Aboriginal people are morally superior to whites.

The only outcome of the program, as always, will be ideological indoctrination and racial hostility because the focus won’t be on standards and human improvement but rather on ideology and virtue-signalling.

Seems preposterous now, but so did a lot of other leftist trends, at first. If no one stands up to the virtue signalling, they just keep going and getting ever more extreme.