Adjusting To The Post-American Age

Adjusting To The Post-American Age. By James Kirkpatrick. A long piece, but on a topic that is rarely broached.

A nation is a people, and a nation-state is the expression of that people. However, the only real enemy the Historic American Nation has at this point is what we can inaccurately call “our” government. …

In theory, and certainly in the imaginations of Leftists, the state is teaching young Americans patriotism, nationalism, pride. Yet in the government’s schools, young people are taught self-hatred. A casual glance at the government’s own statistics on crime shows the reality that whites are disproportionately victims — yet we are told that we whites are the greatest threat. Not long ago, what the FBI would have called a Black Identity Extremist shot up a subway in Brooklyn.

Not long before that, an almost unbelievably lurid case occurred when a black criminal, who casually posted his raps about how much he hated whites on Soundcloud, ran down white children and old women in Waukesha,WI. That case was quickly buried. …

What does this country offer a young white person?

In law, in academia, in corporate America, among the church leadership who hate whites far more than they hate the devil, a white person is assaulted from the day he is born to the day he dies. If this were happening to any other ethnic group in any other country, the State Department would be considering it cause for invasion.

Economically, the country offers nothing. There was no money for border protection, no money for COVID-19 stimulus checks, no money for the basic responsibilities of government. Inflation, the most regressive tax, is far from “transitory.” It seems to be permanent.

Yet when it comes to foreign affairs, the federal government, both Republican and Democrat, moved with remarkable speed to spend $40 billion to the Ukrainian government. Let us never again hear any lecture from conservatives about fiscal restraint or the need to balance the budget. When it comes to the things they care about, wars that make our lives worse, they have no problem finding the money.

Many young Americans take it for granted they will never own a home. They will never have a family. In fact, they are told that having a family may even be irresponsible. Think of the damage to the climate, after all, or the risk that you might perpetuate white privilege through a poisoned bloodline. …

“Our” democracy:

Over the last few years, we have increasingly heard of something called “Our Democracy,” something always said with a capital O and a capital D. It’s unclear what this means. We certainly have little control over what our government does. We never voted for a proxy war with Russia, but here we are. We did vote for the federal government to enforce immigration laws, but a Republican majority under President Donald Trump refused to enforce laws already on the books. The same federal government that can destroy your life for filling out a form wrong on Tax Day not only tolerates the presence of millions of illegal immigrants in our country, but actively encourages more invaders.

Let us be blunt. It is not true that our government does not care about us, or that our institutions are failing. Our institutions are operating as intended. Our Defense Department protects the borders of other countries, while ignoring our own. Our education system turns out students who are far more ignorant than when they came in. Our federal law enforcement seems to encourage crimes, like the invented scheme to supposedly kidnap the governor of Michigan or to let people into the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

It is not that we get nothing from these bodies that we pay so much for. Our lives are all worse because they exist. If the billions of dollars stolen from us every year were simply lit on fire, we would be in a better position than if they were spent on programs that exacerbate the problems they were supposedly intended to solve.

After more than 75 years of this, I can no longer pretend that those who rule us are foolish, or misguided, or incompetent. The horrors that are being unleashed are the deliberate and intended results of public policy. …

The Great Replacement they boast of:

President Joe Biden has called for “unrelenting” immigration and celebrated the inevitable result that whites will be a minority in this country. Certainly, this so-called conspiracy theory is hardly fringe — one only need read The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico, or any other leading publications to read paeans to this forced demographic transformation.

This transformation was never voted on by the American people. In the few cases when they had a choice, as with Proposition 187 in California, Americans voted against it. But this had no impact on what actually happened in Our Democracy.

We have to ask ourselves — what exactly is the purpose of our national project? As far as I can tell, The Great Replacement is not only real, it seems to be the only priority of the national government, aside from waging and usually losing pointless wars.

In previous ages, Americans were called to the colors to defend the American Way of Life. Yet every military victory, every sacrifice, every death, every life lived in service, was pointless. The United States of America that exists today is not just different from the country that existed before but is an explicit repudiation. The destruction of monuments to the Founders or even to leaders like Theodore Roosevelt is just a visual representation of the systemic process underway.

America is not being “changed” but deliberately perverted into its opposite. To say this is still our country would be like a Byzantine cleric claiming that his Ottoman conquerors are his lawful representatives.

Let’s have no chest beating about “these colors don’t run.” The true flag of the regime, the ever-shifting intersectional flag that combines all those groups except the white heterosexuals who subsidize their own destruction, has far greater moral significance than Old Glory. If you don’t believe me, burn what we still quaintly call the American flag, and you will be met with indifference, if not celebration. Burn the intersectional flag, and the same government that tolerates murders and property destruction will leap into action to charge you with a “Hate Crime.” …

Times have changed. Who runs the place now?

Your military service, your flags, your nostalgia, your Constitutions, and flowery talk about your supposed rights are utterly irrelevant to the realities of power in this country. To speak of one’s constitutional rights is as meaningless as appealing to Canon Law or the legal code of the Holy Roman Empire. We may call ourselves nationalists, but we are nationalists without a nation. We are a stateless people.

Some might protest this, or say I overstate the case. I can only respond — what is America? Even those who say we are a “Proposition Nation,” defined by ideals — what are those ideals?

We cannot claim that we are free. .. In this country, now, you can have your assets frozen or outright stolen, even without being charged with a crime. Officials of the state can claim that your children must be given hormone treatment to change sexes, and if you protest this, you are the one who will face state punishment. …

I will go further. In any autocracy, there is at least the possibility of change. Sovereignty is clear. If there is a problem, we know who to blame. We lack this under our system. No matter who you elect, no matter what people want, nothing can be changed within the system.

We don’t know the names of those who rule us. What are disingenuously called NGOs, non-governmental organizations, have far more power than our elected representatives. This is not just tyranny, but a tyranny more insidious and despicable because it doesn’t even have the integrity to admit what it is. …

We must develop a saving cynicism, the courage to see things as they are, and recognize that democracy is, and has always been, laundered oligarchy. It is a form of government in which elites, using both media and financial power, exercise more direct control over the people than in any other system while denying all accountability and responsibility. To tolerate this at home, let alone spread it by force of arms, is obscene. …

Face reality:

Take no false comfort in some vague idea of human nature, or that the pendulum will inevitably swing back. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that conservatives are wrong when they say human nature is essentially unchangeable. The most fundamental aspects of people’s personalities, including sexuality or even biological sex, can be changed with a few years of sitcoms and educational curriculum. …

I noticed a new policy change form Twitter. It said the company will not accept advertising from organizations that do not accept the scientific consensus on climate change. I can’t help but wonder what the scientific consensus on racial differences is.

If truth means anything, those who promote objectively false things, like saying groups would perform equally on standardized tests without racism, should be kicked off for peddling lies.

But they are not. Under this system, it’s not just that free speech has value and we should reject state control of information. It’s that what the media-run state tells us to believe is wrong. They are liars. Their lies have consequences, as we’ve seen in the butchery of the last few years, the countless billions of dollars’ worth of properties destroyed, the culture that drives people to despair and suicide, and the casual annihilation of every accomplishment this country ever had.

The lie of racial egalitarianism, the deliberate, willful lie that non-whites only fail to achieve because of white racism, gets people killed. But it is preached by every institution with power, from the government bureaucrats working in diversity departments to the Christian churches who believe in egalitarianism far more than they do in the divinity of their supposed god. …

The bulk of public debate in this country is about who is to be censored. We are told, continuously, that despite the overwhelming control the Progressives hold over media, academia, and even corporate America, that our views “radicalize” people. People can’t be trusted to make up their own mind. They must be carefully fed certain information or else they will make the wrong choice.

If this is true, then the entire premise of democracy is destroyed.

Fine! Let us say it! If our opponents say we can’t govern ourselves, let us dismiss the farce of elections and campaigns. …

The system has failed:

There is nothing under this system, not one scrap of a dead Constitution, not one legal precedent that can be tossed out by an Affirmative Action judge, not one aspect of our education system, pop culture, or governmental structure that is worth preserving.

The Rule Of Law died about 10 million illegal immigrants ago. State institutions are not neutral or fair — they are actively hostile.

Let us stop pretending. Let us look each other in the face and be honest about our situation. Let us greet those who tell us America is still free, or great, or even alive with scorn and contempt. There is no more time for such games, nor any charity for those who gave our country away, knowingly and maliciously. …

We have to let go of our illusions; we have to let go of this idea that we still have something to defend. We must stop trying to save people and institutions who don’t want to be saved. Let’s take an objective look at our real situation.

In 2020, I’m not terribly concerned about claims of election fraud. I’m far more concerned about the open declaration by every powerful institution in this country, inside and outside government, in the press and in the military, in the Chamber of Commerce to the unions, to “fortify” the election and render the people’s will meaningless. The election was illegitimate not because of voting machines, but because the System deliberately rigged the flow of information.

It’s hard not to blame Donald Trump himself. I think the revolutionary potential of the 2016 Trump campaign, which may have done “extreme” things like enforce existing immigration laws, was squandered. It was lost very early, right off the bat with staffing decisions.

Yet perhaps it was necessary to show that the system doesn’t work the way we were told it was.

And in 2020, we saw a final State Conquest of the American nation, a fundamental reversal of our national story. The nation that began with Jamestown and the Pilgrim Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution, has no connection to what exists today. We saw it purged, and we saw every institution and supposedly sacred norm — from freedom of speech to the “rule of law” — gleefully shredded. The destruction is accomplished. There is nothing more to say, and nothing more to be gained by trying to prop this up. …

We are in a post-American age. …

The best case scenario:

Republicans … take back Congress. Let’s say you even get the fantasy candidate of your choice as president in 2024. What then?

Friends, the demographic shift is already in. And if you look at the polls on opposition to immigration, for the first time, you no longer have the people on your side. There actually has been a shift in that issue, and it has not been our way.

The Great Awokening, as some have called it, has transformed public opinion. This predated Trump. We have huge percentages of people in this country who believe, and will always believe, that all racial disparities are due to white racism. White liberals even have a negative preference against their own race.

What conversation is possible with such people? What charts or graphs or clever arguments can be offered? Consider that these people think race relations became worse after we elected our first black president. What concession can possibly be given?

I still recall in those long-ago days, which seemed like another lifetime, when I was working at a conservative organization. The day after Barack Obama’s election, one of my friends came up to me and put his arm around me and said, “we lost.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney and voted Third Party. And then he said: “Well, we have a black president now. So at least no one will ever call us racist again.”

I know many people of goodwill, and I’m not poking fun at them. They can be forgiven for having thought this. They thought America could get past race, just like we are told we can get “past” the immigration debate.

But you don’t get past these issues. You don’t get past issues that cut to the core of who constitutes the polity, of who constitutes the nation. These things are with us forever. And there’s no way we can just settle it and be done, even if you have some insane fantasy of having your own homeland and everything is set up the way you want. …

We must ask ourselves if modern America really allows you to express opposition to the government in power, to express your views peacefully, to control your own property, or to exercise freedom of association.

If you look hard at those questions, it’s very difficult to say there is still a free world. It’s very difficult to say that what exists now is worth sending people to kill and die for.

“America is a free country” is a lie. Another lie is this idea that the people are going to react when things get bad enough. …

Right now, when they tear down statues of George Washington, or Teddy Roosevelt or whoever else, conservatives have this reaction of, “Well, you shouldn’t do that.” But if you ask them why, it’s simply because it makes them uncomfortable, it’s shocking.

However, logically, they can’t defend these men. They’ve morally disarmed themselves. They either say these men were a product of their time, or you get silence, or you get outright lies.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very tired of hearing that Martin Luther King would be a Republican, or that he opposed Affirmative Action. He did not. I’m very tired of hearing that a lot of these other people would supposedly support the modern Republican party. They would not.

As part of the change in power in the US, the US has become obsessed with race. The destination is clear enough.

Ideas, unfortunately, get taken to their logical conclusion. And that’s one of the biggest problems that we have to deal with, because people are ceding ground in arguments. If you give up certain territory, you’re inviting everything else that follows.

There’s a reason we must talk about things like racial differences. Frankly, I don’t find the statistics and graphs all that interesting. Yet we still must talk about it. If you don’t, you don’t have an explanation why you have different performances across different groups.

If you don’t at least entertain Race Realism, you don’t have an explanation why you have different performances across groups. And if you don’t have an explanation, the only thing left is “white racism.”

Once you concede that, how can you oppose reparations in good conscience? Wouldn’t redistribution of wealth be fair? Why should tributes to traditional American heroes be protected?

Whites aren’t even at the top of the heap when it comes to wealth, but nobody seems to notice that. Rarely do you see conservatives even talk about that part of history. Instead, you end up with ignorant or cynical Republicans saying Martin Luther King would be in their party. He wouldn’t be; he equated Barry Goldwater to “Hitlerism.” …

For Thomas Jefferson, the things that he thought were important were their traditional liberties that he found in the Anglo-Saxon people. And he had all sorts of writings about how our liberties don’t just come from nature, but come from the long history of our people extending back to the British Isles. …

The American state wants to replace the Historic American Nation. If you don’t believe me, look at the books in your children’s public schools. Look at the editorials in our leading newspapers. Look at the content moderation policies on social media and algorithms that are used on social media, which increasingly determine election outcomes. The current American government is premised upon the explicit rejection of the nation that came before.

The closest thing I can think of is South Africa, where a new regime took power, and it justified itself in the name of undoing that which came before. It’s also not surprising that quite a few Leftists have argued for Truth and Reconciliation committees for the United States in which we would investigate all these different things, hold people accountable, come up with all sorts of fun new reparation schemes and everything else.

All of this is coming, and Republicans have no answer to it.

No one will discuss this openly, and the public discussion of related issues is strongly censored.