Depp wins battle, but men are losing the war

Depp wins battle, but men are losing the war. By Andrew Vincent.

Along with many around the world, I predicted Johnny Depp would win his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Predictably, much of the ABC has reported the verdict today as ‘complicated’ or some kind of dead-heat, when it’s not. Heard has been found guilty of defamation and has to pay compensatory and punitive (punishment) damages.

Make no mistake, while this is a great personal victory for Depp (and, if there’s any justice in this world, he will get his career and life back), but men as a group will continue to lose the war against ‘Victim Feminism’ and their leading brand: #MeToo. …

Immediately following today’s verdict, Heard released a statement on her Twitter account, asserting that the jury’s decision was a setback for the #MeToo movement and an infringement of her freedom of speech.

Like an invisibility cloak, Heard is using #MeToo in a blatant attempt to shift the blame away from her allegation against Depp, toward the narrative that she is somehow struggling against ‘powerful men’.

To be clear, the jury found she lied, maliciously, in branding her ex-husband an abuser. During the trial, while tangential to the question of defamation, recorded evidence was presented suggesting that Heard engaged in abusive behaviour during the marriage.

The verdict will be a test of mainstream media, as well as the many powerful women in our society and the entertainment industry: will they present this case for what it is, the exposure of a malicious lie (as the jury explicitly states — she defamed Depp with ‘actual malice’)?

Or will they carry on the bigger lie, that we must ‘believe all women’ and that Heard’s claims should still be entertained, even after this emphatic finding against Heard?

My prediction: the ‘believe all women’ narrative will roll on. This verdict will simply be a speed hump towards Victim Feminism’s strategic goal: ever-increasing criminalisation and targeting of men as a group.

Mere facts don’t slow down the narrative, comrade!

Read the whole story at the link, on the introduction of laws soon in NSW that will require men and women to seek and receive positive verbal consent for all sexual activity. Obviously intended to expose more men to claims of sexual assault and rape.