Sussmann Jury Nullification Marks the End of American Justice as We Knew It

Sussmann Jury Nullification Marks the End of American Justice as We Knew It. By Roger L. Simon.

American justice isn’t only dead, it’s decomposed. Long live totalitarianism!

We can join the world now. Au revoir, American Exceptionalism. We are China. We are Putin’s Russia. We are the European Union, drifting ever more swiftly into Davos globalism and the Great Reset. We are the Ayatollah’s Iran. We are Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and then some.

Most of all, goodbye to the rule of law. Was it ever there? I seem to have vague memories.

The jurors in John Durham’s trial of attorney Michael Sussmann — which resulted in the Clinton campaign lawyer’s acquittal — will be remembered, by those allowed to remember, if any, as the moment our already decaying justice system went completely south. …

The opponents of truth and of the rest of us are the bureaucrats, en masse:

It was undoubtedly true that Durham had hoped Sussmann would fear incarceration and turn state’s evidence, opening up a whole host of possibilities for further prosecutions. The special counsel knew he would be up against a D.C. jury, but my guess is he hadn’t truly realized how bad things had become, how tainted that jury pool really was.

This is yet more evidence of mass formation psychosis. The citizens of our nation’s capital have been brainwashed, by the legacy media and the reactionary zeitgeist of the world in which they live.

This must end for our children.