The Left Is Chaos Incarnate

The Left Is Chaos Incarnate. By Thaddeus G. McCotter.

Reviled by the institutional Left and some legacy GOP, President Trump was portrayed as the chief reason for the chaos wracking the nation … Upon further examination, Trump’s policies weren’t the cause of the turbulent times wracking the nation. From the time he was duly elected, the chaos was deliberately stoked by the Left. …

At the height of the 2020 campaign, the Left took to the streets for the less-than-peaceful protests (and with the insane sanction of public health experts) to establish a narrative of chaos in “Donald Trump’s America.” …

The Left is chaos incarnate. Be it in power or out of power, the Left produces division and discord not only as a tactic, but as a product of its spiteful, envious, and hateful ideology.

The Left seeks to “fundamentally transform” America. People don’t try to fundamentally transform things they love. The Left fundamentally despises America as currently constituted. Convincing themselves they are morally superior for being purblind to the inherent goodness of their fellow citizens, they feel morally justified in doing whatever they wish to get their way. …

[The left] believe big government will stem the chaos. But big government is chaos, and we see the dire consequences of it from the illegal immigration over the porous southern border to the inflated prices of food on the family dinner table.

Yes, the lunatic right-wing fringe is also a source of chaos. But it is infinitesimally small and is not institutionalized as is the chaotic Left. Importantly, unlike left-wing extremism that is never acknowledged but rather normalized — indeed, it is lionized by its fellow-traveling media cronies — everyone has rightly and repeatedly denounced the lunatic right-wing fringe.

It is wise to remember that America is a revolutionary experiment in self-government. This chafes the Left, as they seek to expand paranoia and dependence among the populace in order to concentrate power in a highly centralized, elitist, and omnipotent government.

Thus, the entire thrust of the leftist agenda is to ensure that America’s revolutionary experiment in self-government fails. Since the Left is hellbent on doing this, chaos ensues.

A wise insight.